Videos for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The evolving digital landscape has altered the way we perceive and use products. Predominantly, students study and learn via online classes today, especially after the pandemic hit the whole world. Plus, people find it pretty easy to buy and sell their products through online channels.

Thus, it is imperative to keep up with the latest trend and develop a robust video marketing strategy.

Video-based marketing is an excellent method for brands to communicate their message effectively. Videos facilitate the marketing journey by delivering a personalised message and creating a one-on-one connection with the target audience. As per a recent study, it was observed that more than 70% of the audience worldwide prefers to understand more about a product or service through videos.

So, why not use it to full advantage and reap maximum benefits.

Benefits of using videos in digital marketing strategy

Here are some of the reasons you need to use videos for digital marketing strategy in 2022-

  • Increase Brand awareness- Facing a troublesome situation while grabbing people’s attention? Why not try to create a viral video and break the internet. Once you are able to succeed, all you need to do is maintain consistency across all your video posts and ensure that the video conveys the right message. Try putting your brand logo, colours, and tagline in the videos as it strengthens your brand image.
  • Video tells faster- Nowadays, people do not prefer reading lengthy articles or long instruction manuals. Instead, they feel easier to read short and crisp content, which makes them learn about the product better, reduces the time they need to invest, and improves your message’s impact. You can create videos for different purposes, such as educating, informing, promotions, persuading, or entertaining. It solely depends on your purpose and the product/service you offer through your video.
  • Strengthens your social strategy- Undoubtedly, social media is the leading marketing channel. It is a gold mine for marketing as you get an opportunity to approach more than 3 billion active users on all social media platforms.

One of the most important aspects to ensure while making videos for social media platforms is to create a mobile-friendly short video as most people watch videos on mobile devices.

  • Inform people about your solutions- More than 60% of the people are visual learners, so why not use it to tell them about your product in a better way. Create potent videos to connect with your customers well. If you are able to gain recognition and understand the sentiments of your potential audience, they will prefer your product over your competitors’ whenever they require anything in your niche.

Do not procrastinate video marketing for your business; instead, make it a pillar that will help you gradually with boosting sales and revenue. If you are concerned about how to edit videos and make eye-catching videos, don’t worry; numerous amazing editors in the market can help make a polished video in just a couple of minutes.

  • Video marketing strategy and search- Everyone knows that Google is the biggest search engine globally. Do you know which is the second? Most of you might have got it right, yes it’s YouTube. Therefore, while planning a digital marketing strategy, keep in mind that you need to post videos on YouTube and optimise videos for Google search. There are even video intro maker out there that has templates that’s fully adjusted for YouTube.
  • Elevates content- Creating videos on trending features or information that enhance audience engagement to a greater extent can be a gamechanger for your business. It will not only keep your target audience ecstatic but also help you connect with the new followers. Along with bolstering your website’s value, it will also raise visitor numbers and engagement rates.

How to plan a video marketing strategy?

By now, you very well know the importance of videos for digital marketing; let us also know some of the steps that must be considered while planning a marketing campaign-

  • Focus on your customer persona
  • Videos should convey your brand image
  • Make a video content schedule
  • Plan your budget
  • Prove your video ROI
  • Diversify your videos
  • Jot down the tasks
  • Plan the filming and video publication
  • Optimise your video
  • Create videos that play to your goal

Types of marketing videos

Below mentioned are some of the most used video types used for marketing-

  • Brand Video- With the help of a brand video, you can tell viewers about your company’s history, mission, and vision. Creating such video is vital for your business to grow as it improves the connection and engagement among your brand and audiences. In addition, it lets them know more about your goals and what you want to do for your customers in the long run. Creating a short video and including a call to action aptly also leads to adding value.
  • How to videos- These videos can be immensely beneficial to improve your brand image as it educates and pulls new customers towards the product/service your offer. The audiences will get a fair idea about your product, its usage, who it is ideal for, and inform them about other crucial tips. How-to-videos are an excellent mediumforbuildingloyalty and advocacy around your brand.
  • Explainer videos- Create a video explaining your product. For instance, if you sell a steam iron, you can let your audience know about how to assemble it and different ways of using it. Most of the customers feel that watching demo videos is much better than reading the instruction manual.
  • Testimonial videos- You cannot talk about the product’s features as you need different content to create regular videos. These videos allow you to talk to a wider audience about why your product is better than your competitors’/other brands, how opting for them makes their lives easier, and the products’ advantages. You can demonstrate it to your viewers and make the process transparent by adding testimonial videos. It helps gain customers’ trust in your brand and depicts how your customers are happy after purchasing your product.

Final Thoughts

Forget about the worry of how to edit videos; instead, focus on building an efficient digital marketing strategy plan by adding videos. Create a campaign that will help you stand out of the competition, bring your product to the public eye, and widen your reach.

By Punit