1337x proxy reddit

What is 1337x proxy website:

1337x  is one of the best international torrent websites. Here users can get access to all types of application files, videos, music, latest TV shows, upcoming web series and more. It also allows users to download movies, Software, different file forms and applications effortlessly and free of cost. It is the most famous platform that provides torrent files and magnet links for exchanging files by using the Bittorrent protocol.

1337x torrent website allows users to stream all recently released movies and TV shows for free without depending on streaming platforms. While other streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime, and Hulu don’t offer the recently released movies without subscription. Thus, users rely on websites like 1337x to download content for free. 1337x is the best place for gaming enthusiasts. It also allows unprivileged users to download the software for free.

The website has many alternative addresses, one of the most used alternative addresses is 13377x.

Although, 1337x torrent websites are illegal in many countries.  It includes Canada, the USA, China etc. But, the services of 1337x torrent sites are still revived through many alternatives of 1337x and its mirror sites. These alternative sites allow you to browse its content from different nations where the use of 1337x is blocked. 

How to unblock 1337x proxy reddit:

13377x torrents are used by many users across different countries. However, this torrent is banned in several countries by internet service providers. Thus, if you are not aware of when this website is blocked, don’t bother, it’s very simple to find out.  You may either purchase a VPN to unlock your website or open your browser in incognito mode and enter 13377 x proxies. This will reveal a few 13377x mirror websites, from which you can select your desired content with ease.

What Is 1337x Proxy reddit unblock and How Does It Work?

There are several torrent 1337x movies proxy sites. The primary goal of proxy sites is to reduce the number of restrictions placed on the main areas. Many folks enjoy downloading free content. Every computer joined to the internet has an IP address. IP is the short form of the Internet Protocol address. A proxy server is nothing more than an IP address that your computer recognizes.

The web proxy server gets it first and then performs a web request on your behalf after following the submission of an appeal. Following that, data is assembled from the server, and you get the data, which you may see on your webpage.  The 1337x proxy site like 1337x proxy unblock Reddit uses the same way to provide users with the required content.

How to Download Movies from 1337x proxy website?

  • First, visit the 1337x proxy website using your mobile or web browser.
  • You can select the movie from categories or also search for the name in the search box, then click on the search option. Now you have to click on the link you want to download from the suggestions of the movies. Choose the magnet link option to download the movie.
  • Tab on the download movie button and soon it will start downloading to your device.
  • You can stream the movie on your device once it downloads from 1337x proxy Reddit.

How to Download Games From 1337x Unblock?

  • First, visit the 1337x proxy website using your mobile or web browser.
  • Now you have to click on games.
  • After clicking on games, it will display the list of games to download.
  • Select the game that you wish to download.
  • Now, click on the download option.
  • And the game will automatically download onto your mobile or computer.

How to Download Software From 1337x Unblock?

  • Sign up for an Ivacy VPN service.
  • On your device, Download and install the VPN client.
  • Get access to the VPN by entering your login credentials.
  • For safe online browsing Connect to a VPN server.
  • Go to the 13377x Torrent Website or select the available mirror site.
  • Use the search feature to find the software torrent.
  • Select and download the desired software.
  • Wait for the software torrent to download.
  • Once the software downloads, install the software on your device.
  • It is essential to use a VPN or proxy for added security and privacy while accessing torrent websites like 1337x.

Advantage of using 1337x’s Proxy Unblock Sites?

  • There are a variety of reasons to use 1337x torrent proxy, but the most important ones are listed below:
  • Using a torrent 1337x proxies service, one may download things quickly and easily.
  • If you use the 1337x pirate proxy, you may work while downloading the contents, as your download will run in the background.
  • If you lose your internet connection, these 1337x mirror sites can let you resume your download from where you left off. It will not start if a person loses their internet connection while downloading or after downloading half of it.

Top Features of 1337x Torrent Sites:

1337x is a famous torrent website, it is widely famous for its huge collection of torrent files including different categories like games, software, application, movie and TV shows. Find some of its best feature mentioned below-

User Interface:

Users are generally attracted towards its user-friendly interface. It helps in navigating sites easily through different categories. These categories can be anime, software applications, games, and more.

Search and Filter:

The website provides an advanced filtering option that allows users to browse through different torrent categories. It helps to narrow down search results based on different niches like size, file type and upload date.

Verified torrent:

1337x has a feature of the “verified” section. It allows users to find verified torrent with authenticity and quality. It helps in protecting users from malicious and fake torrents.

Community and Forum:

1337x provides a feature of community and Forum. This feature of the website allows users to discuss torrents and software or file sharing, share tips and recommendations on the platform’s forum.

Proxy and Mirror website:

The website provides pirated content which is illegal, because of legal issues the website is ban in some regions. 1337x allows users to access the proxy website of 1337x even if the original domain is blocked.


The website offers users to stream all updated and recently released content without any registration. 

Is the 1337x Proxy site Safe and Legal?

 1337x is a pirated site. These pirated sites are blocked in many countries through the government. 1337x proxy is not the safe and legal website to use because it features pirated content. It has also been blocked in many countries. It includes countries like the United Kingdom, India, France, Australia, and more.  Additionally, using these sites can cause you legal issues with authorities. The website contains malware and harmful ads that will include viruses in your device that makes it even less safe to use.

List of updated 1337x Proxy Sites:










Alternatives to 1337x torrents

1. Kickass Torrents 

Kickass torrents is a viral website all around the world. People frequently utilize it as a substitute for 1337x proxy websites, but it has also been subjected to many limitations and bans by law enforcement organizations.

However, this did not prevent individuals from returning to the site since they could access it through a variety of proxies. Thanks to its list of kickass torrents, people have been able to find the website. The following is a list of kickass torrent proxies and mirror sites to download and view the latest movies and TV shows.

2. The Pirate Bay:

Pirate Bay is a torrent website similar to 1337x website. On this website users can download and search torrent files and magnet links through Bit Torrent protocol. It is widely famous for providing a huge collection of pirated content. This includes TV shows, software, games, music albums and more. It allows users to stream this content for free. However, the website has been a part of legal controversies. Many times it has also been restricted and shut down because of copyright concerns. 

3. Extra Torrent:

ExtraTorrent is a website that has a huge collection of torrent files from different categories. It is the great alternative to rely on when users are unable to get access to 1337x proxy sites.

However, the site has been subjected to government bans and restrictions due to widespread copyright complaints; the government subsequently enforced a ban on these sites for an extended period; the Extra torrent site is one of the torrents that have to deal with these issues.

Additionally the website has a lot of movie collections, torrent downloads, games, music, and software programs on this site. All of these torrents are simple to use and people can access from anywhere in the world.

4. Yify:

The website allows users to obtain unauthorized content. It is the alternative of torrent websites that the most stringent restrictions have targeted. That’s the reason that law authorities scrutinize these torrent sites. Some of the best torrent sites, like KickassTorrent, Pirate Bay and Extratorrent have been inaccessible in several countries. One of the top torrent sites is Yify Movies because it is a well-known source in the peer-to-peer community.


It is one of the top torrent websites. It is mostly popular for its wide range of content from different categories. The additional features of the website such as verified torrents, feedback and interaction, content library makes it stand out among other torrent websites. 

6. Torrentz2:

It is the best torrent website that allows users to locate torrent content in a huge directory. This directory was compiled from several torrent sites. You will scan some of the existing torrent sites before deciding on the most acceptable alternative for yourself. Here you may find older material.

7. EZTV:

EZTV is a torrent website with a user-friendly interface. The website mostly focuses on TV content. It provides a huge collection of TV series from different categories. EZTV has become a preferred choice for TV enthusiasts. It has a variety of features such as straightforward interface, vast collection of TV series, well-organized torrents that makes it stand out from other alternatives of torrent sites. EZTV is the most reliable source of streaming TV shows, movies, and more.

8. LimeTorrent :

If you’re looking for legal torrents, this lime torrent might be a decent choice. This is a website that constantly updates with new content. Each file has a health meter that can help you lower your risk.

9. TorLock:

This is one of the greatest 1337x alternatives on the list for avoiding fraudulent torrents. This site has an extensive database of content, and users may quickly navigate through it. There will also be top 100 materials, which will display according to the daily market. The most appealing aspect of this service is that it offers a one-dollar reward to anyone who discovers a bogus torrent on it.

10. Zoogle

Zoogle is the most trusted and popular torrent site. It is the world’s leading torrent search engine because there are millions of verified torrents available and they add thousands of them daily. It uses a BitTorrent protocol and meta-search engine to store their metadata. You can download free verified files with the help of Zoogle.  It allows users to browse and download movies, web series, games, and many more. 

11. Torrents Galaxy

Torrents Galaxy is another great alternative to the 1337x proxy site.  It is a great platform to look for anything you want to download. It is a vast torrent-tracking website. The site contains useful features, navigation options, and tons of free independent media. The site is by the admins of Extratorrents. They came up with a new site named Torrent Galaxy after the shutdown of the extra torrent website.

12. FitGirl Repacks

FitGirl Repacks is a pirated website distributing video games.  It is popularly known for “repacking” games — significantly compressing them so they can be downloaded and shared more efficiently. However, the site has undoubtedly become a household name in the gaming industry.

13. Nyaa. Si:

Nyaa is one of the largest public anime-dedicated torrent indexes. This site is a torrent website focused on East Asian media. It might have proven itself to be a reliable and safe torrent site. On Nyaa you will experience better downloading speed.

14.  BTDigg:

Another alternative is 1337x proxy site, a torrent search engine that allows users to search and download torrents for free. Users can access and download free content without any registration. For your good downloading experience, it finds the fastest downloadable torrents that are available on the internet. All the content available on the site is sourced from peer websites.

15. SeedPeer:

This site is one of the popular torrent sites formerly known as Meganova, renamed in 2007. SeedPeer is available in 7 languages and has Firefox and Internet Explorer plugins. The site is a perfect place for movie and game lovers. This site is a great platform for users to fulfill their needs.

16. TorrentRover:

TorrentRover is a popular search manager and torrent downloader that helps you download your favorite movies, music, TV shows, applications, games, and more. The site has many amazing features that make it superior to the average torrent site and other desktop search apps. Downloading torrent files is very easy with TorrentRover. Just with a double click of a mouse, you can download your favorite media file.

17. TorrentFunk:

TorrentFunk is known for being the fastest download search engine. You’ll find the latest Movies, TV shows, Games, Software and Anime with the most verified torrents right here. All the downloading files are described in a well-ordered order and you can begin the action by tapping them with time, size, added date, uploader, seeds, peers, health, etc. To download the media files you don’t need to register on the site, just download your favorite movie or game.

18. MagnetDL:

It is a safe and reliable source for streaming, browsing and downloading torrent files. It offers high- quality movies. The site is known for its distinctive feature of listing magnet links. The site has a straightforward interface that allows it to easily navigate and find the content.

19. DirtyTorrents:

Dirty Torrents became a successful and popular torrent site in a short time. Millions of torrent lovers all around the world prefer using this site due to its great features and benefits. It is a free meta-search engine (BETA) and it provides the ability to search torrents in all categories, or users can also choose the category as desired separately.

2o. Bit Che:

Another popular alternative is 1337x, which is a script language and framework for searching Bit Torrent websites and search engines for torrents. It uses customized script and user-submitted files which allows it to quickly search lots of torrent websites and easily organize the results. Some of its features are super quick searching, the ability to preview torrent details and the open torrents in your favorite downloader.


1337x is a torrent website that lets you access, stream and download torrent files. It includes magnet files, software applications, game anime TV shows and movies. Here we have shared the information of 1337x torrent website and a comprehensive guide to download movies, software and games by using 1337x torrent website. Additionally, we have shared the advantages and features of the torrent sites. However, you can face trouble sometimes accessing the original site. In that situation you can consider the alternatives of 1337x torrent websites that are mentioned above. 

By Punit