Weddings are the most auspicious days one wants to celebrate. Often People expend a bulk of the money to make it grand but forget to be concerned about nature and society. Marriages produce a huge amount of plastics & disposable garbage that has been becoming a threat to our mother earth. Global warming and climate change has been reached to the devastation of nature. Well, it’s our responsibility to protect, reproduce, recycle, and go ecofriendly by using eco friendly invites. Now in this era of modernity doing such things also become a status symbol.

Some types of Eco Friendly Invites

Planning weddings eco-friendly, we could contribute to our mother earth. By making green wedding invitation cards by using such organic and recyclable materials.

1. ‘Plantable’ Seed Paper

Eco Friendly Invites

It’s an exclusive trend to invite your guests using plantable seed paper which can be sprout out when thrown into the soil. Invites soon turn into a green tree by putting a little effort into pouring it with water and dirt. Can anything be better than this? As flowers will grow your popularity will enhance with the beauty of nature. There is also the availability of variations in the herb, veggie, and wild seeds embedded with recycled papers.

2. Natural Ink

We can further move one step ahead, to team invites with natural veg oil or soy ink. Instead of using chemical ink, turmeric ink can also be used (symbol of Manglik i.e. pious). Natural ink may take longer to dry but it’s worth the wait.

3. Wooden Frame Invites

Eco Friendly Invites

It’s a unique way to use the wooden boxes as invites and drop lovely messages with handmade papers into it. To make it more different you can use wooden frames with some modern or traditional carving. It will definitely appear rustic and earthy.

4. Recycled Material

Isn’t it a new technique of making your wedding earth-friendly? Nature produces many things with by-products and waste, can be recycled or mold into unique material. Like beautiful handmade textured papers with luxurious colors using dry leaves & flowers, jute button & Frills, 100% recyclable paper made of sugarcane waste, elephant dung, wood peel boxes, organic & recycled fiber, charcoal-based agents with extra recycling agents.

5. Banana leaf

Eco Friendly Invites

Either you or your roots belong to a south Indian family then the banana leaf will be going to add religious footprints in your wedding stationery. Wrap the wedding card with banana leaf and have look. Wow, how trendy and designer it is. But it does have a shelf life and difficult to procure. If you could manage it, these look lovely.

Going Eco-friendly and using Green, Organic, Earth-friendly, sounds socially responsible. This kind of invitation stationery will wow your guests. you will be showered with lots of compliments.


‘Etsy’ the home of beautiful handmade products, 100% Recycled, Greenfield papers, etc. and one more thing you and your creative ideas with global & green awareness will make it happen.

By Punit

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