London has one of the most extensive and reliable public transit systems in the world. This is also why it is one of the busiest. If you don’t want to deal with traffic congestion but want the convenience of having someone else drive for you, there are usually three options: either you hire a minicab service, use black cabs, or call an Uber. All of these options can have their pros and cons and should be considered before your visit. Let’s take a look at all three and see which one could be the right choice in your case.

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Black Cabs

These are one of London’s most iconic symbols and are not so by accident. Black cabs are a very efficient way to get around the city. They aren’t cheap, however, but what makes them such a great option is convenience. 

Maybe you intended to use public transit to get somewhere but it’s too cumbersome. Black cabs can also help at the end of a long night or if you simply don’t feel like taking the tube, tram, or bus back home. You also don’t have to wait on the corner for one; there are plenty of cab apps like Taxi, Gett, and MyTaxi that will get you a taxi right where you are.


Even though they’re called minicabs, minicabs are much closer to a private driver than a taxi. Services like will allow you to book one of their drivers who will come to you at the time you asked for and take you to your destination. These services will also allow you to pick all sorts of vehicles, not just minicabs. And, unlike black cabs, you will be able to get a fare based on distance and not have to deal with a nasty surprise at the end.

Some people may ask why someone should go with a minicab service over an Uber. There are two answers: security and reliability. Unlike Uber drivers, these drivers need to be licensed by the TfL. These companies also take their background checks very seriously. They have to be reliable as well since they have a brand to maintain. 

Everyone has had to deal with delays with Uber and a driver can drop you at any time without it being a major issue. However, that would be a major deal for a minicab company. So, if you want to get from A to B on time and feel perfectly safe, minicabs are the way to go.


Uber is a great way to travel London because there are so many drivers operating in the city. This means that an Uber will always be close by, unlike black cabs that are almost impossible to get the further you go south of the city. Another benefit Uber has over cabs is that you can also get a fare based on distance. So, they can’t use trickery to extend your ride and get you to pay more.

The biggest issue with Uber is that you never truly know who’s picking you up. The other one is that not all of them understand the city as well, and while they have no benefit in getting lost, it’s very common for Ubers to have no idea where they’re going. This could mean you getting to a meeting 15 to 20 minutes late even if you had everything planned.

Now that you know a bit more about the different transport options in the city, study each of them and choose the one that would be the most convenient for you. Analyse costs, and consider mixing and matching options if that works better as well.

By Punit