The summertime is here, the world is opening up, and it’s time for us to get back out into the world. Could there be a better way to reconnect with ourselves than heading out for a camping weekend, and getting away from the noise of the daily grind? Of course there is – heading out on a motorcycle. Camping this way is a fantastic way to seek some solitude, whilst not being forced to sit around in traffic all day. If you’ve got a bike and want to find out what you’re missing out on, then you’re in the right place. 

Camping with a Motorcycle

Knowing Your Ride Completely

When you’re heading out on the open road, you must know basic maintenance in case something goes wrong. A great time to practice this is before you head off, starting with the tyres and moving towards the oil, brakes, and control adjustments. Getting to your destination begins with a fully functioning bike before you set off.

Great Gear

You’re going to need suitable gear for riding and camping – don’t be tight here. For your great adventure, you will need base layers and suitable waterproof protective gear. Worth a mention here, if you need to invest in a vehicle, then check out these superb Suzuki motorcycles

When it comes to the camping side of preparation, you need to invest in a top-tier tent and sleeping bag for maximum comfort. You need to ensure that you can carry them with your motorcycle in tow, so the smaller the better. There are some excellent tents out there, with top additions weighing as little as 12lbs. 

Keep It Light

Keeping your load light is essential for motorcycle camping, with limited space and no room for excess baggage. The best way to go about it is to work out what your day is going to look like, including everything from setting up camp, waking up, and being out and about. Quite literally, you’ll want to create yourself a narrative that goes a little like, “I wake up, brush my teeth, and go for a wash”. Already, you know that you need a toothbrush and some wash gear. Continue like this throughout an entire day and just pack the bare essentials. Once you’ve completed this step, go through everything again and chuck out anything you won’t need. 

Pack Safely

Motorcycle riding has a lot to do with your centre of gravity, so you must pack your bag taking this into account. No matter which motorcycle bag you’re using, you should ensure that your heavy gear is packed close to your centre of gravity. The last thing you need is the floor finding your face en-route to your great adventure. 

Camping is a therapeutic and calming way to get back in touch with yourself, and there’s no better way to do that than on the back of a motorcycle. You need to ensure you know your bike inside out and give it proper maintenance before you set off. Remember, don’t skimp out on equipment that could be a lifesaver. 

By Punit