best attractions in Belgium

A delightful and spectacular country in Western Europe, Belgium is home to great vacation destinations, attracting a million tourists every year. Its medieval towns, Catholic Universities, contemporary architecture, historical and cultural sites, and great dining venues are widely popular. History seekers will discover ancient or modern history treasures representing their rich historical heritage.

The country might be small in size, but there is no shortage of exposure, fun, and adventure. From modern cities to ancient streets, there are plenty of things to explore during the trip. The best time to visit Belgium is between April and June in the summers and September and October in the winters. Many people might be unaware, but there are three different language-speaking people in Belgium, including Dutch, French, and German.

Travelers can make an unforgettable trip to the best attractions in Belgium by considering the following places to explore. 

Grand Place, Brussels

The Grand Place is one of the popular tourist attractions in Belgium, also known as De Grote Markt. The site demonstrates the classic and vernacular architecture of the ancient era and is governed by the medieval town hall. Today, the gallery is the pride of Gothic architecture. Because of its incredible architecture of the late 17th century, the site is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Tourists worldwide come here every year to witness the grandeur and architecture of all times of the year. Also, there are several beautiful hotels within the Old Town, Brussels historic center, divided into Upper Town and Lower Town. While you are here, enjoy discovering the legendary artists, going for a museum tour, and tasting the palatable cuisine.

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Ghent’s Gravensteen and Old Town

Another famous tourist attraction in Belgium is Ghent, the ancient and largest city of the Flanders region. The site is popular for its art and serenity and acts as a center of trade and culture. Additionally, it is also praised for its palatable cuisines, beer, and ancient sites. The best thing to do is explore the charming St. Michael’s Bridge and St Bavo’s Abbey and shop in Pathol. The fascinating fort was once the home of the counts of Flanders who took ideas for castle building. 

Today, the site is among the finest fortresses which have been well-preserved by the authorities. The giant halls and chambers feature the classic architecture of the castle and phenomenal scenes of the streets.

Meuse Valley

The Meuse Valley is one of the best tourist places in Belgium’s paradise, featuring exquisite beauty. It is regarded as the south of Brussels and lies along the Meuse River between Liege and Huy. Travelers from all the way come here to explore the phenomenal river views and beautiful wildlife species. Tropical dense forests, charming hilltop castles, and little towns surround the Meuse Valley from all over. 

Begin your day tour by exploring the Namur or Dinant cities and enjoying the riverboat ride with your companions. Additionally, hiking and cycling are fun activities to do here. To avail low-fare flight tickets and tour packages, go through United Airlines book a flight process, and get exclusive discounts.

St. Peter’s Church, Leuven

St. Peter’s Church is the finest example of Brabant Gothic style glared with beautiful arch windows and giant pillars. It lies in the middle of the Grote Markt and exhibits attractive paintings representing biblical scenes during the ancient era. The 305 feet long Roman Catholic Church was built in the 15th century.

Art lovers can take inspiration from the beautiful art pieces displayed on the cultural site. To be precise, you can see the Baroque pulpit and Dirk Bouts painting of the last supper are worth exploring. The illustrations and artifacts depict the splendid architecture of the 15th century. If you wish to stay, there are numerous hotels in Leuven, including Park Inn, Martin’s Klooster, Pentahotel Leuven, etc. 

Mechelen Old Town

Belgium is the hub of great historical attractions, which are widely renowned as the best vacation locations. Machelen Old Town is an exceptionally beautiful creation of medieval Belgium, featuring the finest architecture and ancient buildings still prevalent. The central Grote Markt is a landmark of notable sites, including the Town Hall and Lakenhall. On the other hand, Sint-Rombouts Cathedral, with its tall clock tower, looks impressive and is worth exploring. 

While you are here, visitors can wander through the center, featuring a traditional guild house architecture, and discover fascinating facts about the place. There are amazing hotels within the town, including NH Mechelen, Novotel Mechelen Centrum, VixX Hotel, Tavern Hotel Muske Pitter, etc. If you like the place and want to discover it fully, book Southwest Airlines tickets now to avoid future flight delays.