Purchasing a Caravan

Whether you are purchasing a caravan to live in, or you are purchasing a caravan to go away in, the type of caravan you choose and ultimately purchase will make a difference. Of course, the budget you have will ultimately determine what type of caravan you can afford to purchase, but apart from the budget, what else should you be thinking about?

Static or Touring?

Do you want to stay still in one place, or are you looking to move around regularly and with ease. If you do not want to move about, say more than once every few years, then you would go for a static caravan. A static caravan is one that often has its own plot. However, if you want to travel a bit more, you will want to look at purchasing a touring caravan. A touring caravan is one that you can hook up to the back of your car or van with the use of a tow bar. As touring caravans can be moved around with ease and relative speed, they are often smaller in size.

The Size and the Berth

How big does your caravan need to be? How many people need to sleep in the caravan at any given time? Most touring caravans have two berths that can sleep around four people, whereas most static caravans have physical bedrooms that can sleep up to six people and sometimes more. Establishing how many people will be using the caravan at any given time will help you establish what size and berth you should be focusing your search on.

Heating and Cooking

Whether you are in a static caravan or a touring caravan, you will still need heat, and you will still need to cook, and to make this happen, you will need to use caravan gas that comes in either large or small portable canisters. Even though you may decide to eat out while staying in your caravan, you will need to have a gas back-up. So consider just how much gas you would need and how frequently you would need to change your canisters’?

The Brand and Model

What is in a brand or model? Some brands are prestigious within the static world, and some are up and coming within the touring caravan world. Your budget will ultimately determine the brand you go for, so ensure that you stick to your price range, or else you may end up with a caravan that costs you more than you wanted it to, especially if you are looking to buy new. When it comes to looking at the models on offer, there are often slight variances and differences, mainly in the form of upgrades. So think about what you want and what you have to have, and this will help you establish which model is correct for you.

Researching models and brands and also making use of real reviews and recommendations will ensure that you get the right caravan for you and your needs.