Island Tour Package

Phuket is one of the most visited holiday destinations in the world for very good reasons. The tropical climate mixed with its stunning surroundings captures the hearts of those who go there for the first time and see them return on many occasions after.

Some are attracted to the incredible nightlife, while others could be drawn to its rich cultural history, which can be found on every corner. The fantastic cuisine in any location in Thailand is something visitors talk about on their return home while the local delicacies and seafood of the southern shores adds to the experience. However, it is the ocean that draws so many people to this island paradise, which can be enhanced further when choosing to go on one of the Phuket Island tour packages.

  • What an amazing 10-hour experience awaits anyone who makes the wise decision to head out in the hands of an experienced team that ensures something special that will be remembered for years to come, right from the moment that the adventurer is picked up from their hotel right through to when they are dropped off trying to take in what they have experienced and check out their photos and videos to confirm that it really did happen.
  • Like any holiday, there is so much to be gained from local knowledge and expertise that take the hassle out of a day so that those on a tour get the most out of it, while being surrounded by top-quality equipment. The thrill of a long-tailed boat along with a more leisurely pace provided by self-guided sea kayaking can be enjoyed in a location considered to be in the top 5 for the activity anywhere in the world. Those thoughts of setting up an e-commerce business in Australia can be put to one side for the day.
  • The experienced guide ensures that any factors such as the weather and tide are considered and will try to accommodate any personal choices. The experience of walking through a naturally formed mangrove-filled Hong, as locals call a room, will be never forgotten as the flora and fauna can be enjoyed in perfect surroundings. Then comes being easily taught how to paddle a personal sea cave canoe so that hidden treasures can be discovered.
  • Those who prefer to put their faith totally in the hands of a locally-born expert can opt for going with them in a double kayak. Water is provided throughout the day, which also includes lunch at an authentic Thai restaurant to add further to the adventure, which can be a great chance to ask the guide about the items on the menu that have been seen elsewhere without knowing how to order them. All the equipment is provided, all those who choose to go need is a willingness to have fun. They might also enjoy a visit to an elephant sanctuary the following day.

Choosing an island tour package will reveal parts of Phuket that others will never see, while in the hands of local experts.

By Punit