It may surprise you to know that you don’t need to spend big bucks to renovate your bathroom. You certainly don’t need to hire a contractor or consult an interior decor expert to give your washroom a makeover. All you need is a bit of creativity, a willingness to make changes, and an eye for detail. This guide reveals 5 DIY bathroom renovation ideas that you can try today to transform your bathroom.

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#1: Introduce a New Lighting System:

You can give your bathroom an immediate uplift with a new lighting system. There are many types of lighting that you can choose from. Pendant lighting is trendy these days and is often used in place of more traditional wall lights. These lights can hang over your vanity, acting like a spotlight on your toiletries and bathing essentials. You can also install multi-coloured LED Strip lighting around the lower end of your shower room walls. LED Strip lighting will give your restroom a floating effect. Watch as your bathroom comes alive, especially at night.

#2: Replace Old Shower Tiles:  

Another way to renovate your bathroom is simply by replacing old shower tiles. The beauty of this DIY renovation idea is that you don’t need to make structural alterations to your restroom. You can try out luxe white marble wall tiles or go for the classic off-white or white subway wall tiles. Make sure to use the recommended grouting material for the wall tiles. You can get this information from the tile manufacturer. 

#3: Install a Luxurious Walk-in Shower:

You can maximise the use of the space in a large bathroom by installing a luxurious walk-in shower. What’s more, this is a simple, practical DIY project. All you need is a pair of fanciful faucets for cold and hot water. You will also need to install a high-pressure shower head and partition the shower with aluminium framed semi-transparent glass sliding door. In a situation where you already have a bathtub in place, you can replace the tub with a more functional walk-in shower.   

#4: Turn your Bathroom into a Mini-Spa:

You can turn your restroom into a mini-spaby installing an open cabinet or taking off the doors of your bathroom cabinet. Also, you can fix hooks to the walls of the cabinets on which you can hang colourful spa robes. You can also convert drawers into open shelves to fold some plush towels to give that spa feeling. If you do not have a pre-installed cabinet in your bathroom, you can do some simple carpentry work. You can just fit in a wooden framework with shelving using the vertical surface of your bathroom wall as the back end.

#5: Tile your Bathroom Walls:

You can tile the walls of your restroom as well as your shower. Imagine tiling the wall behind your vanity with a trendy honeycomb tile. The 3D effect of this hexagonal styled tile is both charming and awe-inspiring. However, if you are a reserved person, you may want to install the more classical white subway wall tiles.   

By Punit