Dubai has developed rapidly from being a small town of the UAE to one of the most luxurious cities in the world, it’s a renowned tourist destination for families, solo traveler, and couples. It has everything to offer that one can imagine. Every single thing here exhibit opulence, No wonder, it serves as the world’s face of luxury.Despite this, tradition and modernity blends perfectly here. There are no dearth of things to do in Dubai with family. You can enjoy the finest of man-made attractions or natural phenomena. We will help you explore few of the marvels Dubai has to offer for your family.

Things to Do in Dubai with Family

Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountains

You probably might have heard about BurfKhalifa being the tallest building in the world. So it definitely makes sense to visit it with your family when holidaying in Dubai. This iconic building is 2722 ft. high. It is a finest example of everything tall and large. Besides it towering height, Burj Khalifa also has the maximum number of stories. This tower houses everything from flats, offices, hotels, shops, and malls. It even has the fastest elevator in the world that takes guests to the top floor within seconds. There is an observatory deck at level 124 and 148 from where you can view the entire city. Being at this height will surely dazzle you. Right in front of this tower is the Dubai Fountain. It is built at the foot of the Burj Lake that stretches up to 30 acres. The light and music spectacle it creates will calm and soothes your heart and body. The powerful water jets shoot sprays to hundreds of foot making it visible from any distance.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

A visit to these two attractions is one of the best things to do in Dubai with family. You can enjoy marine life adventure here from a close distance and that too without getting wet. These places are top attractions for all ages. Your family will get to see hundreds of marine life species such as sharks, sand tiger sharks, and rays. There are many other interesting sea animals as well that we get to see only on the National Geography channel. The aquarium tank at this place is one of the largest in the world that has a capacity of 10 million liter of water. The suspended tank is one of the largest in the world.

To visit these attractions, you will have to be at the Ground and Level 2 of the Dubai Mall.

The ticket price per adult is INR 1550 (pl. check it before booking since the price is subject to change without any notice)

Ski Dubai

Who can think or dream about snow in the middle of the desert? It’s possible only in cold country or Antartica. But at Ski Dubai, you will find not just a ton but around 6 tons of real snow. Yes, Ski Dubai is world’s first indoor ice theme park. This ski resort is built in 22,500 square meters and can easily be claimed as a winter wonderland. There are all the games to play in this indoor snow park that are possible on outdoor snow. For ice-skating enthusiasts, this place has five slopes. Each slope is built to help guests enjoy skiing as per their skill level. Whether you’re a beginner, or expert, you can enjoy skiing on snow to your heart. There is also a penguin enclosure to help guests mingle with them. For younger children, this place has a Snow park where they can play around with snow. For the safety of little ones, Ski Dubai also has a dedicated place where you can let them play without worrying about injury to them. You can roll down in a big snowball. To enjoy a bird’s eye view of the entire snow park, take a chairlift ride. Overall, this place is so big and amazing, that you will feel yourself being in Switzerland in winter.

Kidzania Dubai

If you want learning and fun for your kids at one place, then Kidzania Dubai is the perfect family destination to be at. This place is a fine replica of a real city built on whooping area of 7,000 m2. There are plenty of role-playing activities for children of all ages that they will never feel like leaving this place. They can get a real-world experience of different occupations that exist almost in all the parts of the world. In fact, children can pick up real skills that aren’t taught in the classroom anywhere in the world. Your kids can play a role of a doctor, pilot, chef, firefighter, police-officer, driver, and anything they are more interest to be where they grow up. Little ones can learn a lot at Kidzania and come out like a matured person. There is also a facility to throw a birthday party at this place. Needless to say that introducing children to real-world profession is simple at Kidzania Dubai.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

This massive waterpark is built on the shore of Burj Al Arab and on popular Arabian character theme. Your family can enjoy several pulsating rides and slides that will satisfy them to the core. In fact, the whole family can experience thrill and adventure. Every single space of this water park is built to offer unlimited fun for the whole family with utmost safety. The fun and adrenaline-pumping rides that Wild Wadi Waterpark offers is a perfect antidote for those craving for adventure. If you want to while away the day in a lazy manner, then be at the wave pool. There is a giant playground for kids where they can enjoy slides. What’s more there is also a surfing stimulator in case you want to try your hands on surfing. So there is no chance of missing the sea.

These are the few best things to do in Dubai with family. However, it’s not a complete list. In fact, there are so many activities for families to make memories in Dubai, that it’s difficult to narrate them all in one single post.