Rice Purity Test

Have you guys ever thought of any of the tests which rely upon the person’s innocence level of his sin and good deeds? If not, then you’ve reached the correct place. The Rice Purity Test may well be a 100-question survey that originated at Rice University.

It is a self-graded test that assesses the participants’ supposed degree of innocence in worldly matters (sex, drugs, fraud, and other activities assumed to be vices), commonly on a percentage scale with 0% being the tiniest amount pure and 100% being the purest. It wants to be voluntarily tested by new students for bonding with other similar students. However, the Rice Purity Test is commonly for fun nowadays.

The latest version of the Rice Purity Test was created in 1924 and was initially only given to women. Since then, more versions have been initiated that include more modern questions. Now, college students take the Rice Purity Test purely for fun and to test their answers to their friends’ answers.

A remarkable experiment would be to take the test at the beginning of your freshman year of faculty and then at the highest of your senior year, or on your birthday each year, to test your new scores to your past scores so that you’re going to be ready to see what quantity you have matured.

Why do we Call It the “Rice” Test?

It’s not the rice you’d consider. It’s the name of a widely known person, William Marsh Rice. However, he’s not the one that formed the test. Keeping with several documents, the first purity quiz was generated in his university long after his death. So, it’s called after the university and not Mr. William Marsh Rice.

What Does Rice Purity Score Mean?

However, it’s mainly calculated on a scale of 0 to 100, 100 being the foremost innocent person and 0 being the foremost wicked one.

Absolute Purity:

People or users who get the absolute best scores are the pure ones. Usually, a score of over 50 counts means you are not as immoral as you thought. But scores or counts quite 80 are the 000 morally uncorrupted people.

A bit of Naughtiness:

Scores or counts between 30 to 50 counts indicate that you’re a small amount of evil. While you will not be that ruthless person, you’ll still be able to know what immoral seems like.

Having a filled with life Evil Within:

If the score of somebody could be a smaller amount than 20, one has to try to do some terrible things. Most adult folks that had a social life would score less or low than that. But it’s not usual for youth to demand such a high grade. So, tone it down, guys.

How Does the Rice Purity Test Become a Trend on Social Media platforms?

subscribers of the social media platform Twitter recently made the Rice purity test go viral again on various internet platforms. In line with the sources, users of assorted social media platforms share their purity scores over ever.

However, the quiz and questions also surfaced on the net back within the 2000s. per sources, that was the first time someone put the questions on any of the websites. A spark, a matchmaking site, was the first online home and a platform for this type of question. It has also continued to urge passed on ever since to recent times.

In recent years, other websites like Quiz Expo and Rice Purity modernized the classic test for the identical. While a variety of the websites also kept the questions the same, they added a 2020-vibe to them. And that’s yet one more reason why the thought for the test went viral again.

Is the Rice purity test safe?

Yes and No. It’s so popular that many individuals have taken it. However, there are some words related to sex performance that your parents may not be happy to read on your screen.

What does my score mean?

The score is between 0 and 100 – the higher the score, the more ‘pure’ you’re. Here may be an easy scale to help you analyze your score more in-depth:

Between 100 and 98:

This score essentially means you’re as pure as gold. it’d be difficult for anyone over the age of 18 to urge this score.

A Score between 97 and 94:

You’re still considered pretty pure. Maybe you’ve kept your first kiss or held hands with someone, but you haven’t gone much further than that.

A Score between 93 and 77:

This is about the everyday score range, which signifies that you just aren’t an averagely pure person. Maybe you’ve french kissed before or perhaps gone down below the belt!

A Score between 76 and 45:

This score means you’d possibly have your fair proportion of alcohol, drugs, or sexual experiences.

A Score between 44 and 9:

A score during this range is definitely below average. you may are to jail, used hard drugs, or had public sex.

A Score between 9 and 0:

This score means you’ve done some pretty wild stuff, including maybe even paying for or being got a sexual act.

The Story Behind All the Innocence queries within the History

Most experts believe that RU students invented the innocence surveys as we all know them now. They created this trendy Rice Purity Test back in 1924. And their point was to ascertain which students have had a naughtier campus life.

However, the questionnaire went popular fast. And it has been published in several magazines, school newspapers, etc. Since there was no internet in the past, the questions were hard to hunt out. However, the test stood the test of it slow and became viral again in 2020! 

Of course, some people say that the world’s first purity test was created in the 1980s. They believe that it had been MIT students who made an MIT Test-like questionnaire to assess others’ goodness. (But that is still a mystery to the current day).

The Point brings the Purity Test of Rice

Honestly, there’s no real point. It’s a questionnaire for fun. However, people use it for various purposes. (See below).

Just to grasp how naughty you’re:

Don’t you wonder who immoral you are? Do others trust that you’re a polite person while you don’t think so? 

Show off

Are you pleased with your weird and immoral experiences? Does one believe in being a nasty boy/girl? That’s okay; our test can reveal the way to disorient you. It’s superb thanks to blowing their own horns at your impishness.

Joining Twitter trend

Twitter users are sharing their scores nowadays. and therefore the Rice Purity Test could be a trend straight away. So, if you would like to affix the trend and share YOUR pureness with others, take the quiz immediately. QuizExpo allows you to share the results onto your Twitter feed.

Recalling your spicey memories

Are you settled down? Have you ever stopped those naughty acts of teenagehood? Well, that sounds a-okay. But what does one notify about a number of those memories? Don’t you like to look back and smile the least bit at the items you’ve got done as a teen? If yes, you must take the Rice Purity Test ASAP.

Messing together with your friends

Send the link to your friends. Ask them to require the test and share the leads with your discussion groups. It’s fun thanks to messing with your pals. you’ll be able to also play a truth-or-dare game supporting these questions. 

Adding up the ultimate words, We hope you enjoyed completing the Rice Purity Test. The results of the rice test aren’t for shaming anyone. Shaming is understood collectively as one of the most well-liked topics on the web in recent days. Self-doubts and shame have ruined many such lives of an adolescent. 

Celebrities and social media pheromones have also acted against it and represent it still. In recent times, more stars are conscious of the harmful effects of the rice purity test. So, now one must confine mind that the Rice Purity Test is merely meant to be fun. The rice purity test mustn’t be for shame. Purity is now an old-styled idea in recent times. Don’t feel ashamed of your rice purity test score.

By Punit