If you thought that choosing a woman’s engagement ring was a difficult proposition, then you of course don’t know about the difficulty of finding a wedding band for a man. It can be incredibly difficult to find one that reflects his sense of style and his personality as well. The good news is that men’s wedding bands come in many shapes and sizes and in many different materials, so there is a lot to choose from, which makes the decision even more difficult. 

When choosing a ring for a man, his occupation needs to be taken into consideration because if he is that kind of guy who is working on engines all day or is fitting water pipes, then the ring needs to be something that is practical and won’t end up causing him an injury because it keeps getting caught up in things.

You can find a number of unique mens wedding rings to choose from, whether it be at a reputable jewellery shop in your area or online. However, finding the one that speaks to you and is a proper representation of who you are can be quite hard. Many brides would say that if the ring choice was left up to the man completely, then he would choose something completely overboard – it might have a skull and cross bones on it or some other strange thing. 

The truth is, many men prefer the classical styles and the things that they often think more about are usually the width of the ring and whether or not they want it to be plain or for a stone to be added. The following are just how a lot of men would like their wedding bands to look like:

1. Something Quite Unique

It can be very easy to choose the classical men’s wedding rings in metals like white gold, yellow gold or platinum, but many men are looking for something quite unique. There are other metals out there like tungsten and a zirconium that are increasing in popularity every single year.

2. Highly Polished But Understated

It is common for men to want to choose a wedding band that has a high polish finish and they usually choose a ring that is smooth to the touch, but it does stand out from other more subtle finishes. They want it to reflect the person who they are and it needs to complement everything else that they wear every day, like a watch. Some choose a metal that is renewable to address their carbon footprint.

3. The Classic Choice

Some men just want to keep it simple and to choose one of the classic choices, such as white gold or yellow gold. These particular rings stand the test of time and they match easily with everything else that a man could wear.

Even though many men do go for the classic choice, they like to change things up a little bit by choosing a wedding ring that is a little wider than normal to make it stand out on their ring finger.

By Punit