Terrace Garden Designing

If you have the luxury of a space in terms of terrace gardens and balconies then the urban concrete walls cannot hold you from having your own lush green space. Terrace garden designers can give an exclusive makeover to your barren terrace space.

Before starting a terrace garden there are a few considerations that the homeowner as well as the terrace garden designers needs to keep in mind. Leading terrace garden designers in Delhi NCR  have listed down a few considerations that are relevant to the process of terrace garden designing. 

1. Additional Building Load

The very first consideration for terrace designers is the load-bearing capacity of the structure. If you are constructing your house from scratch then proper planning can be done in terms of the weight that your terrace garden would add to your building’s foundation. If you have an existing building then a proper analysis of the load-bearing capacity is required in order to plan how much load can be added on your terrace.

2. Hardscape

Proper distribution of soft-scape and hardscape areas on your terrace is another essential criteria to keep in mind. Forgiving a complete look to your terrace garden – planning for the hardscape which covers your garden pathways and decking – holds equal importance as planning for green cover. Outdoor flooring can also be made attractive by going in for mosaic flooring or wooden tiles for the deck. 

3. Outdoor Materials

Next challenge that the designer faces is outdoor finishes. Outdoors are subjected to hard weather conditions. The challenge crops up in the form of restrictions on the materials and finishes that one can use. The materials and finishes should be aesthetically appealing to the clients, should do justice to our design and most importantly they should be low maintenance. One needs to be extra careful while sourcing materials and finishes for an outdoor space. 

4. Elements of a Terrace Garden

It’s important to understand that a terrace garden is more than just grass and a few green plants. There are several elements that can be incorporated into a terrace to make it an appealing feature of your house. One can add a terrace bar and barbecue for open-air parties, a fireplace for enjoying cozy winter evenings, a waterfall to add an element of serenity. For covered sitting areas, there are plenty of options for gazebos and pergolas which in turn makes way for a covered outdoor sitting eventually increasing the usage of the terrace garden. Also, if one wants to indulge in sheer luxury then the plunge pool is a great idea. 

5. Effective Space Planning

While designing a space it’s important for a designer to achieve effective space utilization. The same concept needs to be followed with terrace gardens. Different zones like dinning, party area, open-air sitting or a covered sitting can be designed on a terrace to make it more usable. 

6. The View

If your terrace is blessed with a beautiful view from the surroundings then it’s a perfect scenario. However, if that’s, not the case then you can create your own view by going in for vertical landscaping. Terrace garden designers hold expertise in designing and installation of Vertical landscaping or Vertical Green Walls. Green greenery gives an aesthetic look to the otherwise barren walls. One can also choose between dense greenery or the regular hedges.

By Studio.machaan

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