Fiberglass pools are becoming very famous nowadays. The different layers of fiberglass provide unique strength to the pool that the house owners admire. However, before using the pool, a person must know the advantages and disadvantages of the product so he/she can make a better decision.

Pros of Fiberglass Pool:-

The following are some advantages of using a fiberglass pool as it covers different features.

1. Fast Installation:

The process of installing a pool is one of the most complicated tasks, but it is not accurate with the fiberglass pool.  It only takes six weeks in all to fix the pool as compared to other pools that take six months. In this way, it just keeps you alert for a short period than the ponds made of concrete.

2. Durability:

The active material provides enough strength for the pool to stay in its place. It is the reason; you would not experience any punctured part of the pool despite its everyday use. Your pets can also enjoy swimming in the pool. If professional would adequately refinish the pool, then you would not face any problem.

3. Low Maintenance:

The pool requires less maintenance as it is nonporous. There is no requirement of chemicals for safety from algae. In this way, you can stay worried free without paying much attention to the maintenance of the pool.

4. Low Lifetime Cost:

You can save a lot of costs that you can spend on pools made of other materials. There is less use of electricity and chemicals. The need would arise after ten years of service. The requirement of keeping it maintained after ten years is not a matter of worry as you only have to prepare for you.

Fiberglass Pool

Cons of Fiberglass Pool:-

1. Limited Options for Size and Shape:

As compared to other options, fiberglass is not available in the market in some variants. You can only buy a fixed number of pools. The size alone ranges from 16,40,8.5 feet. The pre-designed models reduce the possibility to take out your desirable one.

2. Higher Cost:

The high cost of the pool makes it difficult for the people to buy and install the pool in their house. You can purchase the vinyl pool easily, but fiberglass needs a lot of saving. The cost ranges from $45,000-$80,000 which is quite high for manufacturing and installing the pool in the house. However, as the pool includes retaining walls in extensive form and there are many features of water, then you have to admit that the product worth the price. You can talk with Blue Heaven Pools for buying the pool no matter it is expensive.

How are Fiberglass Pools being made?

The production of the pool happens in the factory, and that includes an exemplary procedure with the craft consist of experienced builders. The manufacturing process comprises of different steps. First, of all the workers spray a unique gel coat suitable for fiberglass on the mold. They use vinyl ester resin for applying chopped fiberglass and then use polyester for implementing it.

Also, they further maintain the strength of the material by applying woven riving on the stress joints of the pool. They support the sidewalls of the pool by using a structural element of honeycomb. In this way; they cure the pool’s mold. In the next step, they remove the shell of the pool from the image and then start trimming all the excess material of fiberglass. They ensure the quality of the product is good by checking the shell of the pool and working on the things that lack.

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