What Are The Different Steps Required To Wear A Corset And Look Amazing?

Corsets are becoming one of the trendiest garments of all time in the universe of fashion and style. They carry class, standards, and elegance along with themselves and that’s the reason why corsets are able to survive over four centuries. We have seen many fashion trends lasting for only 10-20 years, but the trend to wear a corset is proving to be eternal.

Wear A Corset

Corsets were introduced back in the 1600s and till then, we have only seen the graph of corsets going up and up. But, do we all know what a corset is and what are the different steps required to wear a corset to look amazing? Most of us are not still aware of the anatomy of corsets. So, here in this article, we are bringing you a small guide in which we will discuss the different steps required to wear a corset and look amazing. Wearing accessories on a corset is also a bomb combination.

What is a Corset and What Are Its Different Parts?

In this section, we will be discussing the perfect definition of a corset followed by the parts of corsets. A corset is a piece of cloth constructed with sturdy fabric in a well-structured manned followed by silhouetting with steel boning. The steel boning can be rigid and flexible both depending upon the requirement of the customer, which is reinforced in a perfect manner. The corset is used to give a perfect hourglass shape to your body by providing it support from the back and squeezing down the waistline up to 4-6 inches.

Steel boning inside corsets helps in providing support to clinch in your waistline area providing the perfect and desired shape. There are two types of corsets available in the market. One is overbust, which is designed to fit around your midsection area or your bust area, and the other one is underbust corsets, which are designed to just fit around your bra line.

The best part about wearing corsets is that it not only gives you a perfect hourglass shape but also gives you an option to style it according to your needs. You can wear your corset over your clothes and also style it under your clothes which are called stealthing. They come in varied size, shape, colours, textures, fabric according to the needs of the user. Now, let’s focus on some of the different parts of a corset.

Different parts of corsets.

This section will cover the anatomy of corsets. Let’s start one by one.

Split Busk

Split busk refers to the opening of the corset from the front centre which comprises steel bones that are long and flat.

Flat Steel bones

Flat steel bones come under the category of boning which can only revolve in two directions. They are mainly designed in the lace closure of the corset or in the front split busk of the corset for a perfect desired look.

Spiral steel bones

Spiral steel boning also comes in the boning section which can revolve around in many directions. The spiral steel boning corsets run and twist giving that flexibility to the corset. They are mainly situated over the bustline of the corset and around the side.

Shell Fabric

Shell fabric covers the main part of the corset and is one of the most exposed parts. If you want to make your corset strong and durable, you will use high-quality fabric here and so will increase its cost, and if you want to make your corset cheap, you will use low-quality fabric here which will reduce the cost of the corset. Generally, high strength and high shine satin fibre are used here in this section to make your corset durable.


Grommets are the metal holes through which laces glide. They are present at the back part of the corset and are present just between two flat steel bones to provide perfect boning.

Modesty panel

This is the flap of the corset which is generally 5-7 inch wide and is attached at the backside of the corset. It is the gateway of the corset and is protected from lace burns, sweet, moisture and other external forces. This works as the shield for the whole corset.

Bone Casing

Bone casing also known as channels are the extra part of the corset which is sewn into the corset. This extra part can also be considered as the pocket of the corset. It prevents the boning from moving around which gives stability to the corset.


The lining or strength layer is an extra layer sewn over the corset to make it more durable. Generally, this layer is made up of cotton.

Waist tape

The waist tape provides extra stability to the corset from the waistline area. For this, it is padded with extra fabrics to pull more strain on this area. The perfect the waist tape of the corset, the more weight it can carry.


Every garment has some pins or nobs which are used to close the garment over our body and so it is a corset. Instead of buttons, corsets use pins or hooks which provide it extra support because there is always a risk of snacking of buttons from garments.


Loops are used to hold down the pin and give them the desired support.


Boning is one of the most essential parts of every type of corset. It can be of different types but the most common one is steel boning.

These are some of the main parts of corsets. Corsets are known for giving instant shape and transformation to your body because it has waist cinchers which help in giving the shapes.

Different steps required to wear a corset and look amazing

Wear A Corset

In this section, we will talk about some of the different steps which are required to wear a corset and look amazing. The best part about the corset is that you can wear them anywhere under or over anything. It can become a beautiful and elegant addition to many of your outfits which will increase your look instantly. It is a common experience that women want to flaunt their figure and other outfits, if you also have the same nature then a corset is something that can allow you to flaunt your body shape in a glamorous manner. Let’s now jump to different steps to wear a corset and look amazing.

1.    Search for the right one

The foremost thing which you need to make sure that only the right fit corset can increase your elegant look. The perfect styling corset is something very important. Imagine if you are wearing a black corset over bright colours, then something will definitely go off track. Therefore, it becomes of utmost importance to choose something that will go with your style.

As we have mentioned above, there are two types of corsets, underbust and overbust. They both are different in their own way as the overbust corset covers the chest and the underbust corset covers the chest. For party purposes, an overbust corset always works best because it allows you to show some of your cleavages if you have a small chest.

On the other hand, if you are going with the Underbust Steelboned Corset, then you are giving more priority to your shape rather than your style because the underbust corset covers the whole of your waist and gives it a perfect hourglass shape. The clinch part starts from under the ribcage and falls just below the bustline. Thus, it depends on you from where you have to elevate your style. They both are versatile in nature and can be used with every outfit.

Apart from the style, you have to find the perfect size for you. See, finding the perfect size of corset for you isn’t an easy task. No doubt corsets are somewhat uncomfortable to wear, but there is a very fine line between being uncomfortable and being a smaller size. It is you who has to find that fine line. If your corset is becoming more of a task for you, then the possibility of being of a smaller size is never zero. So, go search for your perfect collection down on the Internet.

2.    Colour and Material

The next step required to wear a corset and look amazing is to find a corset of perfect colour and material. Well, a black coloured corset works on every sort of outfit and this is a go-to corset. Now, find something contemporary with the colour of your outfit. If your outfit is of bright colours, then try finding something that will go with the colour of your outfit.

The material of the corset also plays a decent role in styling a corset. There are different fabrics for different seasons like cotton for summers, satin and leather for winters. It is you who have to find out which material will be best for you. Satin is becoming trendier and trendier nowadays because of its perfect texture and perfect availability of colours.

3.    Fitting

Who would like to wear a random, unfit corset? Literally, no one. So, it is always an option to find a perfect size. Corsets are available in small, medium, and large sizes. You can find out your perfect size by measuring your waist. There is a way through which you can calculate your corset size, and that is to first measure your waist size and then subtract 2 to 3 inches.

One thing you need to know is that your waist size reduces after using your corset regularly for a longer period of time. As we have mentioned above, there is a slight difference between an unfit corset and an uncomfortable corset. Corsets are no doubt a bit uncomfortable, but they can be even more if they are of a smaller size.

4.    Plan your outfit

Planning your Corset Outfit is the key to look amazing by wearing a corset. You should know what you are dressing your corset because sometimes, even a good corset feels dull with bad combinations of outfits. Just remember one thing, whenever you are dressing for any occasion, think that a corset is the last thing to put on. Calculate everything which you are going to wear or not. If you are thinking of wearing your corset under any dress, then give priority to that dress, not the corset.

5.    Lace it tight

Corsets will give a perfect hourglass figure when laced tightly. Thus, it is essential to check the lacing of your corset if it is done properly or not. There are various methods available to lace your corset and the most common one is to lace from bottom to top. The tie of the corset is the smallest at the waist so you might need help from your friend or anyone who can tighten it perfectly. There are some special methods also available through which you can hide your lacings which will allow you to wear backless dresses.

6.    Pair it with half sweater and trousers.

Well, yes there are thousands of options to dress your corset with many outfits.

Wear a half sweater and pair it up with trousers and a corset, this will give a pretty elegant look.

So, here were some of the steps required to wear a corset and look amazing. These steps will help you to look amazing and perfect elevate your beauty to the next level. Hope you have liked this article, your opinion will be embraced so give us your reviews in the comment section.