Couch Co-Op Games

Gaming connects us. Playing games with our loved ones is something that we all enjoy. Remember sitting with your grandparents and they tell you all the stories of how and what they used to play when they were at your age? I know that sometimes hurts because nowadays we are so busy with our work and new world that we have somehow forgotten what offline games are. But with the help of technology we can do that with, technology has made that easy for us. 

Even though there is an insane rise in online multiplayer gaming, in which, we can get connected with almost anyone and anywhere and play games. But still, even now some people are there who like to play games with their local friends but on the Internet. So there are many apps and games that you can play with your friends and family. Though the trend of Split screen and Couch Co-Op games is dying every day, there are still some amazing local multiplayer games that you can play and I think you should try it out. 

So in this article, we would be discussing some of the local multiplayer split screen (couch Co-OP) games for your pc.

What Are Couch Co-Op Games?

Couch co-op games are also known as local multiplayer games. These are a type of game that allows users to play together using a single or same screen, typically using just one device. They can be playing either together or playing against each other. It is quite fun to play such games. 

So let’s discuss some of the best split-screen games:-

1. Lovers In Dangerous Space-Time

Lovers in Dangerous Space-time has launched recently. In this game, you will enjoy it a lot. ‘Lovers in Dangerous Space-time’ is literally filled with many adventures, very thrilling, there are a lot of imaginary battles and much more. This allows two as well as four players to play at the same time. And the most important part even if you are alone and you have nobody to play with you can still play with the AI pet and then you can drive into the battle together. It has beautiful graphics and design. It is a really fun and enchanting game, you should give it a try and I am sure you will love it.

2. Overcooked! 2

Overcooked! 2 is one of the best Co-Op games that you can play with your local friends or family members. It is a very engaging game. You have to be a multi-tasker, for instance, you have to manage the kitchen area, you have to deliver the dishes on time, no customer will wait more than a limited time, you have to manage them. The most interesting part is that the number, as well as the speed of the customer, will be growing. You and your friends together can manage this situation. Even if your friend can not come to your house to play this game, do not worry, this game allows you to play with online multiplayer too.

3. Screen Cheat

It is one of the most popular split-screen games you will find. This does not need any introduction. It is a first-person shooter game. It is a really enjoyable game to play. In this game, everyone or every player will be invisible to you, which means from your screen they are invisible. So in order to shoot your opponent you have to look through the screen of your opponent and that is why it is screen cheating. Did you get it? There are also many weapons that you can use to kill the other player. It is an action-packed game. You will have a lot of fun while playing this game. 

4. Do Not Starve Together

Do not Starve Together is one of the most famous couch co-op games that you should not miss out on at any cost. It is just a multiplayer version of ‘Don’t Starve’. As the name of the game suggests that the only motive and the only purpose of you in this game is that you do not have to starve. You have to explore different worlds. You have to work and collect food as well as build a shelter for yourself. In short, you have to survive. There is a lot of danger and a lot of monsters; you have to escape them all. It sounds fun, right? 

5. Split/Second

Split/second is an intense and engaging speed racing game. It is also one of the most fun playing split-screen games. Only up to two players can play this game. It is a really good racing game that you will come across. It is like all the other racing games, the opponents are fighting and competing for the top position. You can also track down the opponent’s car to win. It is an explosive kind of game where there can be a lot of destruction that can occur inside the game. It goes beyond just racing. You will have a lot of fun while playing. Give it a try. 

6. Sonic Adventures 2

Sonic Adventures 2 is a very engaging game and very fun. It is based on the design of fights between the warriors, such as heroes and villains. You have to just save the world. Sounds like the fantasy of any kid ‘to save the world’. So it is your chance to become the hero.

As a team of two, you can start playing the game and start hunting. You will also see huge and returning villains that you have to fight against. Along with that, you can also fight against your split-screen partner. It is a highly recommended game for the local multiplayer thing. Who does not like to play the role of a hero? So go hero, save the world, and have fun while doing that. 

Couch Co-Op Games

7. Gear of War 4

Gear of War 4 is a third-person shooter game. It is also a great Couch co-op game that you should play. It is a split-screen game that you can play on your PC. You can knock down your opponent and enemies. The graphics of this game are amazing. There will be four weather conditions as well. It is a shooting game and if you are one of those who like to play such games then you should definitely give it a try. Have fun with your friends at home, you do not have to go outside for this. 

8. A Way Out

A Way Out is another fun and amazing couch Co-op game that allows split-screen mode. You can play this game with your friend as ‘Leo and Vincent’. They are two players who are daring to escape the prison and this game is related to that escape.

The most important thing is that because it is a split screen or Couch Co-op the players can see the perspective of their own character and work accordingly. Both the players have to work together in order to escape the prison. But in this game, you can not play as a single player, you have to have another player with you. Though it has an online multiplayer option, with that you can play with anyone on the internet. So it is really fun to play. 

9. Castle Crasher

Castle Crasher, as the name suggests, is a game where you have to be all ready for hack n slash. Go get ready with all the weapons you have. It is a game that is related to slashing. Castle Crasher contains different levels. In this game, you have to save your beautiful princes at different levels. And in order to do that you have to crash some of the castles.

You need your friends with that, therefore, go and get up to four players only and crash castles and save your princess. In this game whoever comes in the middle of your target, all you have to do is slash them. The graphics of this game are beautiful, it is somehow cartoonish. You will also hear some cheesy music in the background. With all these effects your gameplay experience becomes more immersive. So this is a very engaging game and you should definitely give it a try. 

10. Portal 2

The mystery is something that excites us the most right? Well, I personally really like such games in which I have to solve puzzles and get things done. Just like that, Portal 2 is a type of game that contains different dimensions from which you have to go through and solve the puzzles. Although this game is more exciting when played alone, if you like to shoot some Portals with your friend in this game then, it is a really good game.

When you play with another player the puzzles become more complex and fun, which can stir your brain definitely. The more complex the puzzles the more fun the game. With your partner, you have to solve problems together and help each other through the obstacles. So if you are a puzzle enthusiast give it a try. 

These were some fun and exciting split-screen games that you can play on your PC with your friends and family. I would also like to mention some more names just in case you need more, so;

  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.
  • Sonic and All-Star Racing Transformed.
  • Rochester League
  • It takes two
  • Left four Dead two
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • Stardew Valley
  • Hola: The Master Chief Collection
  • Unravel Two
  • Human: Fall Flat


We have enlisted some best and of different genres Couch Co-Op games that you can play on a single screen. We understand that it is important to see the person you are playing with and it makes the game more exciting when we are playing together. Therefore we came up with games that match your expectations. 

We hope you got what you were looking for. Do let us know which of the above-mentioned games is your favorite one and which you enjoyed playing the most. Have fun.