One Punch Man Manga Comic & 7 Reasons Why One Should Read This

One Punch Man Manga Comic
One Punch Man Manga Comic

One punch man is one of the most renowned Japanese animated series. One punch man is a series illustrated and formed by Yusuke Murata. It was first published in 2009 as a webcomic. And In April 2019, it resumed its work in webcomic after a gap of 2 years. As the records December of 2022. It came up with 185 chapters as its remake.

First, it sounds ridiculous and at the same time appealing too. That’s why it catches the eye because undoubtedly it is. The Superhero genre of comics is synonymous with American comics.

Make your visit to any comic book store. For sure you will encounter shelves packed with the motive to serve Marvel and DC comics. It is usually referred to as THE BIG TWO.

Perhaps it is the reason why it seems more exceptional than others when you hear about it. This is the reason why all or at least most of the superhero comics that are being published all over the world are from JAPAN.

Introduction of One Punch Man

One punch man is drawn by yusuke murata. He narrates the story of Saitama. Saitama exists in a world full of superheroes and an abundance of monsters and with the need of fighting.

Meanwhile, a thought struck in Saitama’s mind that he also should become one of the superheroes. With this desire clung to a staunch habits and routine of physical fitness, to make her physic so strong, bold, and powerful. 100 squats, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups moreover 10 km he runs each day. But after 3 years he starts vanishing his hair. Gradually he had lost all his hair. But apart from it he had turned so masculine and Hercules that he could easily conquer anybody. He can conquer any person who stands against him. He could defeat the opponent with a single punch.

This prelude can sound a bit weird and that so often does. But, it can also explore this genre best because everybody has different likes and dislikes. People have different approaches for single things with several dimensions.

If you feel that’s not sufficient to allure your interest then we made an index. We have gathered out of the best for you which is why you should watch manga.

Top 7 Reasons Out The Best Why One Should Read This One Punch Man Manga.

So there are all 7 best reasons for you to check out one punch man.

1. The Subtle Comedy

This one punch man sounds weird because it is.

It’s a tale full of teenage cyborgs, dangerous and challenging monsters. This is full of a very ridiculous heap. That truly makes it a superhero comic.

It’s not a series that fills a viewer with tension, or stress or creates an environment of terror. It comes with thrill, and along with that it mixes up the genre of ridiculousness while having a lot of fun.

The reaction of Saitama deadpan towards his crazy battle is quite amusing. In that it serves an amazing punch of interest in all the chapters. Though, opponents or villains turn more furious as he gets calm. Saimata used to leave just with a crestfallen situation. Because no one could bear his punches.

He holds totally a different character all over the world and wanders in the fog. He is depicted as an art. Rapturousness reflects his carefreeness in the simplicity reflected in his egg-shaped head. It puts him beyond the accustomed thought of this hyped universe.

Every act of Saitama is filled with humour and laughs. It keeps the audience amused moreover his reaction to everything he encounters.

2. The Structure And Graphics

The character Saitama might seem very simple to us. But, it is just outward appearance was just detail, his actuality was concealed. It was also to put light on the details around him because his true character and talent will reflect or will be shown by his actions not just by appearance. He had simple attire of a jumpsuit and cape showing a basic model of superhero dresses, well if we glance at his disciple genes, we will find his technical works are more complex and sharp.

When once he was struck by acid in a fight, Murata played a stunning performance by laying in many layers of machinery at the workplace. He this all of it smoothly.

However, we will find several and so many different heroes in this series. Everybody holds their distinct personality and uniqueness in character and style, but in this, you will surely start loving villains also because they too are so appealing. Not just that but all the monster holds different speciality in their size and structure. It fills the entire play with muscles, tentacles, and pincers that appears over the heroes of the series.

Every baddie is a hard nut to crack or should say challenging to work with arts and there are several more than 12 of them in the few initial chapters. The quality or art of every nasty personality got by the embossed detail of towns they ruined or demolished is a truly appealing side of this masterpiece of artwork.

3. The Thrill 

Every villain is designed so marvellously and with excellent heroes and their performance. They are not fascinating and handsome just in appearance but also engaged in the drastic quality of extra mighty superheroes, which is as incredible as the actions being drawn in today’s world.

Murata gets aware of the crucially significant powers that how crucial it is on a large scale in superhero comics, it must go on big daily. City fights and villains raise with arms.

Punches on the man hit on that much intense level it shatters the muscle and moves the bones. It all moves on a spectacular level. The consistency of action of Murata permits him to perform with a sense of momentum and movement in each of his action scenes.

What makes it a drastically impressive phenomenon is that just a single punch extends to the many pages, how interesting it is that to read each and whole movement of a punch, it narrates the whole story of the motion of punch.

4. The Action

The action of Murata grabs the attention of the audience where it needs to be. It motivates them to become curious and excited in every line of violence and action.

In one punch man, The implementation of action consists of proper balance to the comic sense of laughter-making actions.

It does not matter how absurd things may seem to the audience, but when once the battle or fight starts holding the grip; the audience can feel every action for real like it’s just taking place before them. The stakes and challenges seem real and the fighters and people can get injured.

5. The Deconstruction Of Superheroes.

Undoubtedly it is so appealing and attractive. The characters of it are so handsome and the wit and humour are commendable. Moreover, one punch man is very well known in its genre.

Saitama’s action actual character and hold of mighty power like god can generally be witnessed in most or all the superhero’s action anime series of their own. We can get feedback by watching reviews and commentary on the stories. Most anime is based on or puts much stress on standards and categories that they are likely to lose their true essence, its authenticity and as in result seem artificial and fake. Heroes are finely and perfectly separated into classes and graded very carefully as per their instinct and quality.

It takes care of the desire of the fanatic audience to list the potential and strength level so it becomes easy to get who will beat whom. These mentioned factors are not as crucial for the theme as much as the standard and categorised ranking influence the characters themselves.

Other details like categorising cities in the sequence of letters instead of listing them with any particular name, can reflect in the commentary on the context.

Most of the different heroes are candidly homages to particular types, however, every character holds its authentic personality and creation. All of it includes the various sheets that reside into the depth of proficient superheroes whom the readers will identify the theme of what the story is all about with no effort putting on their is a very much popular comic because of its genre.

One Punch Man Manga Comic

6. Fondness Of Superheroes.

Murata and one other commentary in the context of superheroes in this comic one punch man Are not seen in the form of criticisms, however, if nothing it is surely a letter of love. Their way to accept and perceive the mock and thrill is formidable, it shows how different the character is and in addition, it allows them to depict the things in such an appealing and grand manner.

When any words of mock come out it is certain to be funny that will make the reader laugh at their heart off. It’s certain to be funny. When punch takes its place, when it comes with fury and swish it always becomes the cause of intense injury, which means it always comes with hurt.

One punch man is a fabulous comic that puts its attention on the matter that makes the comic the source of great material.

A huge portion of it arrives when in its earnest dedication to the heroic themes of the comics of the superhero, however, Saitama sometimes appears with not much hold of interest to those who want him to be seen just in the form of action hero, an action bold personality with the instinct and aspiration of helping others.

7. A Different Hero 

The best character out of all the characters is exposed with the mum rider, a hero of C- class. Who is a hero only when he rides a bike, that means his importance and power are limited on just his bike else nowhere, his skill works on his bike otherwise he was a common man. He does his every possible effort to protect others, and he performs his act incredibly though he wasn’t categorized in the top class even so he does all his endeavours to save the commoners; puts his life at stake to buy civilians for some more time.

His encounter with the sea king in the comics in the fifth volume moves incredibly with superheroes.


When you are inclined or make up your mind to go through this phenomenon comic, you will come to know several unrevealed things that one punch man is more exceptional than the other heroes, how he is best among all the comic superheroes of today. It’s a matter of fun, fascinating, full of action, and handsome, but most of all significance; it is an incredibly a damn formidable superhero book. Moreover, along with that, it comes with other popular series also like, one piece and Naruto. Along with that shonen jump is also on the way to printing comics, one punch man, if you too are a fanatic of superhero anime, then you must go through this whole article.

If you find this article noticeable and beneficial then must go through this amazing comic.