Small Kitchen Space Organization: Best and Easy Ideas and Tips

Everyone dreams of a spacious kitchen with extensive ceilings and many natural lights entering through wide windows. As a matter of fact, although a lot of us make due with little, weirdly shaped ones. However, this shouldn’t make you feel bad! There are proper solutions for small space and refreshing design ideas, and it’s not really that important what size your space is. 

So, if you want some ideas for your small kitchen so you won’t have to feel claustrophobic again when you’re cooking. These clever tricks will definitely help you create the most of your counter space and cabinetry. 

1. Decide a space for the prep and dining 

small kitchen space

We’re sure that you don’t have enough space to expand or incorporate a full island, but you can consider having a table that can perform double duty as a place for dining and prep. A narrow console can even work as an area to prepare tools and ingredients while you cook. 

2. Provide some task lighting 

Many homeowners don’t know this, but task lighting is actually important in a small kitchen. You may install sconces over the areas of the countertop and sink. They will not only function as a way to brighten the workspace, but they can also put on some shiny style. 

3. Place a nice statement lighting 

small kitchen space

Who says that you can add a bold statement lighting in your small kitchen? In fact, no one will actually notice how small or large your kitchen when you have a beautiful piece of statement lighting. Of course, not! If you don’t have any ideas yet, you can consider mixed metals with olive green paint in your kitchen. 

4. Brighten up the space with plants 

Small kitchens should also feel happy by placing some plants! In addition, if you have amazing lighting, why not take advantage of it? You can wisely put a big plant on top of the fridge to refresh and brighten up the space. 

5.  Be extremely organized is important 

For your little space, whether it’s the kitchen or not, being organized is crucial. As space becomes premium, you don’t want to waste any of it, even space that’s hidden inside your cabinets. You can save up on spice-sorting systems, risers, and anything else that is efficient and a way to maximize your kitchen storage. 

6. Warm up the area with a mug 

When it comes to a cramped space, there’s not much you can do with it without the need to make it feel even smaller, so it’s a good idea to add a rug. A rug can warm the kitchen, add some style, pattern, and colour without overwhelming the kitchen. Interior designers recommend that homeowners opt for a warm colour palette and a great amount of texture-rich materials into the small space. 

7. Opt for a classic look 

small kitchen space

If you are not into subway tiling, there’s actually a reason to love it! You may lay it horizontally everywhere around your kitchen and it will make space feel wider. You may stick to a bright and neutral palette, for a classic appearance. 

8. Consider a rolling island

Who says you can’t have a kitchen island? Well, it doesn’t matter if your kitchen is on the narrow side, you may still welcome a slim kitchen island. How is this possible? A rolling island can be easily pushed out of the way once dinner is prepared. Never think that you can’t have an island even if you have a tiny kitchen. It’s very simple, you can put it on wheels so that when you’re working and you need an island, it will be there. And when the guests arrive, you may push it over to the side or transfer it into the living room or dining room and allow it to be the bar. 

9. Use light colours to expand the space 

small kitchen space

If the kitchen is lighter in colour, the bigger it would feel and appear. Most of the time, if you have a nice view out of a window, you can focus on allowing the outdoors in and utilizing nature to direct what palette to use. Maintaining a particular light palette on walls, backsplashes, countertops, and millwork will also help your tiny kitchen feel more open and spacious. 

10. Let the structure guide you

The kitchen’s shape may also have a huge impact as the square footage. It’s essential to focus your attention to the structure of your kitchen. For instance, you have a little dining nook, then opt for a round table that opens up floor space and chairs, and for more people to use the table. Then feel free to use fancy or industrial velvet dining chairs for your round table. 

11. Mirror the walls 

Another technique you can do to make your small kitchen feel bigger is to mirror the walls. Mirrors can surely flatter the stunning views of the outside. Of course, with a stunning view like that, no one will really care about the size of the kitchen! 

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