Anxiety And Stress

CoronaVirus is growing like a fire and spreading everywhere. It has not only affected India but the whole world is suffering because of this. We are now almost facing the second wave in the country which means that we have to stay indoors. Staying indoors and just finding a purpose every day is just uncontrollable and boring. Staying at home can cause different anxiety and frustration.

It can be related to work or relationships. Not only that, if you are facing the passing away of loved ones, it can also surround you with anxiety. If you are feeling devastated, then you should know that you are not an alone person. While helping others make sure you know how to deal with your emotions. There are different ways that you can have.

1.) Have Gratitude for the best things in life.

Make the time to know the best things in your life. You should thank god for the things that you have. We are so busy complaining that we generally forget about the good things that we have in our life. We should always understand that good and bad is just a phase of life. It will pass too. But neglecting those things that are with you is the worst. Instead of focusing on what you lost, just focus on what you have. Never neglect the blessings in your life. Not everyone is having the same life as yours. They are even facing a worse situation than you. You should understand and work on your thoughts.

2.) Maintain a proper routine. 

Well, we know that this situation is not good. Somewhere things are not fine and there are possibilities that you are losing hope. But there should be a small way to keep things in your life and the best way you can do it is to maintain a proper routine. You can do different things that you like. For instance, you can also start another project, you can work out on a part-time hobby such as Journalism, drawing, and dance.

You can also try learning new words and new conversations. You can also learn a new language. Every day, you can cook your favorite dish. You can do whatever you like that pleases your mind and soul. Even doing meditation is one such solution. This will help your thoughts to regenerate and will keep your emotions under control.

3.) Reach out to people

 Talking to friends and family creates a different zone but you should take time for the people you love. You should care for them. Thanks to the technology that they are just a phone call away. You talk about your problems and your feelings to them. Remember that you are not alone in this whole situation. The more you stay attached to your family, the more you will feel better. Try to communicate your feelings with them. Your fears, your happiness, and the way you think. You might not get a solution but this is for sure that you are going to feel better.

By kamlesh