Roof restoration and replacement are two different ways to renovate your roof. Restoration involves repairing the areas that need to be fixed, while replacement involves removing a roof completely and reinstalling it to get rid of all the problems. Usually, people prefer roof restoration over roof replacement, but some prefer vice versa. 

So, if you have experienced roof problems, you need to decide whether you should go for roof restoration or replacement. Both of them are important in different situations. Let us know about the situations when homeowners should consider roof restoration over replacement. 

What is Roof Restoration?

Roof Restoration

In the process of a roof restoration, the roofing material is not replaced, but the professionals address minor problems like leakage, replacing the damaged shingles, repairing the gutters, etc. It is far less expensive as compared to the roof replacement. Minor issues are fixed to prolong the life of a roof and make the process affordable and long-lasting. 

Restoration costs are low.

A full roof replacement is expensive in terms of labour and material cost. Depending on the coverage system chosen, the average cost is between $18 and $22 per square foot. On the other hand, the restoration requires less labour and materials and therefore costs between $ 6 and $ 9 per square foot.

Restoration extends the life of your roof.

Commercial roofs typically last about 20 years – restoration can take 10 to 15 years. It means you can extend the life of your roof by ten years with the restoration without the need for replacement. You can postpone the complete replacement and carefully plan the future roof work according to the repairs required and your budget. 

Restoration is more durable.

Every year, millions of tons of roofing waste go to landfills. Because it allows you to reuse the existing roof, restoration is a very good option. So, by choosing restoration over replacement, you can reduce the amount of roofing waste. In addition, it can make your building more energy-efficient and can help you qualify for Energy Star or LEED credits for your house. 

You get the tax benefits.

Roof restoration is carefully classified as maintenance, while the replacement is considered a capital expense. In most cases, you will pay the current deduction less maintenance tax instead of capitalizing expenses and recovering costs through depreciation. 

According to federal regulations, commercial roofs are depreciated over a 39-year timeline. As the average service life of roofs is 20 years, it is possible to extend the life of your roof as much as possible.

Restoration helps prevent catastrophic damage.

Ignoring the fact that your roof is deteriorating will not fix the problems in any way. This can only get worse. The more time passes, the greater the potential loss, and the greater will be the cost to restore it. At some point, the only option will be a complete replacement. Therefore, it is essential to restore your roof as soon as the problems occur. 

Here are some situations when you should consider roof restoration over replacement. 

Fire Damage

If the roof or some areas of a roof are damaged due to a fire, you should restore it instead of complete replacement. Fire and smoke can damage the structure of your roof, but you don’t need to replace it. A roof restoration service can renovate your roof completely and make it like new. 

Water damage

A roof can be damaged due to heavy rains and snowfall. The snow melts after a few days, and the water finds its way to the underlay or shingles and possibly the decking of your roof. Every roof has gutters made to provide a way for water; it can still seep into the material of your roof. 

Damage by wind

Storms and winds can also damage a roof, especially the shingles. Blows from winds can remove the pieces of shingles that homeowners need to repair or replace. Also, winds can cause broken branches of nearby trees to fall on your roof that can cause damage. 

Hailstorm Damage

Some locations receive heavier hail storms than what is considered normal. Locations that receive heavy hail solids can lead to significant damage to roofs, and in such cases, homeowners need roof restoration services to fix the damage. 

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Final Words

These were some good reasons to choose roof restoration over replacement. The primary purpose of choosing a restoration service is to fix minor issues and enhance the life of a roof. Now, as you know about the above-mentioned situations, you can choose between roof restoration and replacement. 

By Punit