Double sided foam tape is used for a variety of household jobs because of the effective adhesive. It can be used for hanging anything, be it posters or mirrors. These tapes are very strong in the adhesive so it is actually difficult to remove it. Significant damage can be caused to the wood or the wall if one tries to pull the edge of the tape. Having the right tools is very important for Removing Double Sided Foam Tape.

Removing Double Sided Foam Tape

Double-sided tape and its application:

Though it is not handy like duct tape, double-sided tape is used by numerous professionals apart from mounting. It plays an important role in the automobile manufacturing industry. For paper corrugators and paper mills, the double-sided tape is important to perform every core splicing and tabbing tasks.

Tips to remove double-sided foam tape

Step: 1

The hairdryer can be turned to medium and keep it 2-3 inches away for a few minutes. You have to see whether the surface is softening or not. If it has not softened yet, you will have to hold it longer. You can even use hot water to remove the tape. You will have to hold the cloth on the tape. Then re-wet it the cloth with the hot water and apply it to the tape again. You have to repeatedly do it until the adhesive is very soft.

Step: 2

You can use a scraper or a putty knife to pull up the edge of the double-sided foam tape. When the edge gets lifted, you can simply pull off the tape with the fingers. Don’t pull it too hard or too quickly. If you do so, the wall or wood can be damaged. You will have to continue pulling the foam until and unless it comes off entirely.

Step: 3

The residual adhesive should be rubbed to a ball and then it has to be removed from the wooden surface or from the wall. If any tape remains, you can pour rubber alcohol on the cloth. You can scrub the adhesive and wipe it with a clean damp cloth and then let the area dry.

It is very useful to have it around the home but the removal depends on the area it’s stuck on. Do not try to remove it with your fingernails. It’s better to use a butter knife to remove the tape. It is always better to use a butter knife or a pallet. If a thin residue remains, a scouring pad can be used to buff the surface with the help of soapy water. It is best not to use commercial cleaners that are oil-based.

Vinegar, soap, and water can also be used to wash the residue. You can make it as a ball and then remove it from the wood or the wall. You can put on your gloves and pour the hot water into the bowl. Then you can use the hot water to remove the adhesive. Hot water makes it very easy to pull it off.

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