Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters are a very popular choice because of their resistibility and affordability. They also don’t wear off easily which shows that they are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions. However, you must see the other side of the picture as well by analyzing their demerits. Only then, you would be able to make a suitable decision for your home.

Here are 5 demerits of aluminum gutters mentioned.

1. Durability

You must know about the resistance level of your aluminum gutter, but you should also know that it doesn’t last as long as copper, steel, or other materials do. It is also quite prone to develop dents which make it a less durable option. Moreover, it has a very lightweight as compared to other materials.

Its lightweight can be considered as one of its merits due to the ease of the installation process it offers to the homeowners and professionals. But it proves to be a demerit at the end of the day because the lighter weight indicates the less durability of the gutters.

2. Maintenance

Since aluminum gutter is prone to dents and rust, it is important to keep it well-maintained and cleaned to make sure that it lasts longer. It becomes really difficult for some homeowners to fulfill its maintenance requirements because of their busy schedules. Also, you would have to invest your time in the cleaning and caulking of the aluminum gutter.

If you want to get rid of the corrosion, you would have to place divisions of rubber or plastic to keep the aluminum gutters apart from other materials present on the roof i.e. copper, steel, and tin. It would help reduce the severity and chances of corrosion in aluminum gutters.

3. Expansion & Contraction

The aluminum gutter also tends to expand or contract due to the sudden changes in temperature. As a result, it develops a lot of cracks and holes which need repairing as soon as possible before the problem gets severe. In some severe cases, it might also cause the leaks which further affect the roof structure and integrity.

4. Location

Aluminum gutters cannot be installed anywhere especially near copper flashing and shingles which are algae resistant. It involves the risk because the shingles which are preventing the algae may create an environment which is not favorable for aluminum gutters. It is possible for such shingles to cause corrosion in aluminum when the moisture is present on the roof.

5. Paint

You might have to paint the aluminum gutters to prevent the wear and tear. It is an easy task which you can do yourself. But if you are skeptical about your skills, it is better to take help from any of the renowned professional roofing contractors. After analyzing the demerits of aluminum roof gutters, it is up to you that you consider them suitable for your roof or not. Also, if you want to be there in the installation or painting yourself, you must consider your safety first.

By Punit