Rajmachi Things To Do


If you’re looking for a leisurely, perfect getaway from the busy urban life in the towns, a journey through Rajmachi’s hill forts is the right way. You should expect a visit to the Rajmachi on rugged mountain paths bordered by greenery to the eyes.

Trekking up the hill, bird-watching, or photography can be enjoyed in the rich scenery, while the old forts uphill provide a bird’s eye view of the Ghat of Bor, the waterfalls, and the wild mountain rivers, and the hamlets scattered around the base. Take a drive to the small towns and hills nearby or visit the dams.

In Rajmachi there are many things you can do and we will give you a list of some.


The only way you can hit the peak is to trek up the Rajmachi hills. Steep roads are uphill where you can ride up to a level bike and walk the rest of the way. A trek to Rajmachi is what any urban hiker would ask for. Surrounded by lush big grass and the fluttering butterflies and birds.

You can choose the longer and more challenging trek up the hill from the Village of Kondewadi or the shorter hike up from Lonavala. Take a look at the small rivers of the mountains, particularly when you visit during your monsoons.


Another favorite getaway for walkers is camping out on the Rajmachi hills. There are group treks, which can be scheduled for walking and camping, or just a group of friends or family to schedule a trek up the hills and camp in the cave on the Rajmachi hills. There are many different treks.

In Udhewadi village, at the bottom of the Rajmachi hills are additional options to camp, if you go down before sunset. The villagers give simple homestays with homemade cuisine, where you can have a night or go out to camp under the stars.

Birds and Fireflies

There are a variety of native and migratory birds flying in the Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary in Winter. In areas like the Pawna Lake near Lonavala, where you can find more species of fowl from October through March if there are more bird watching opportunities.

Watching the fires is another favorite of nature enthusiasts wandering up the hills of Rajmachi, one of the most popular locations where the fires tend to grow. Hearts of these tiny animals flickering across the horizon, lighting the night sky like millions of stars come to you early monsoons and late summers.


The mountains are some of the best times of the year when you can see the waterfalls close to Rajmachi and get some fantastic photos. A wonderful site with smaller cellars said to exist behind the rapids is the Kataldhar waterfalls, which involve some tough walking between the rocks and cliffs roads.

If you want to visit more cascades, check out the Vajra Waterfalls (84 km) in Satara, 3 tiered waterfalls down 260m, and the Marleshwar Waterfälle and old Shiva Cellar at about 59 km from Rajmachi.

National Parks

A lot of National Parks and Sanctuaries are situated just a few kilometers from Rajmachi. Enthusiasts of wildlife and nature will enjoy a trip to these sanctuaries. In the districts of Satara, Sangli, and Kolhapur, the Chandoli National Park lies on the south side of the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve.

This park, also a tiger reserve has a variety of bird and reptile species, as well as in the ancient forts of Bhairavgad and Prakitgad, including Tigers and Leopards, Sambar and Bark deer, and several other species of carnivores. Rajmachi is about 63 km from Chandoli National Park.

Drive to Lonavala

Go on a journey to the famous hill station Lonavala, about 15 km from the fort of Rajmachi. Lonavala is packed with luxurious greenery and surrounded by nebulous mountain tops, perfect for an escape weekend. See several places such as the Duke’s Nose and Tiger’s Jump, the ancient dams and lakes overflowing with monsoons, which are ideal for the boat and to observe birds.

Shop on the cobs, the vada-pav, on the banks of the lakes for strawberries and chicks. Visit the Caves Karla Buddhist or walk up the mountains to the old Lohagad fort and to the Maratha fort of Visapur.

Rajmachi Point

Lonavala is about 6.5 kilometers from one of the best places in Rajmachi with a view of the surrounding peaks and valleys. The Rajmachi Point should be viewed with a camera in hand in the best monsoon months when it is dotted with emerald vegetation green and countless wildflowers.

From the site surrounded by valleys with waterfalls and a thick forest, the Rajmachi Forts are visible. One of the best things to do is to trek towards Rajmachi Point, follow the path to the forts of Rajmachi after exploring the site.