Plex Alternatives

In today’s life, most people are working as machines. everyone just wants to earn money because somewhere we all are aware that for living a better life you need to get money. As money is important and for money, your work is more important. All of these things make life aq document. In every profession, they have their work related to different forms.

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What is Plex

Plex works as a server or a platform supported by users to store and access their files from various devices. It is for storing digital media files which can be a movie, music, TV show, or can be a picture. It gets started in 2007. Since 2007 it is established as a great media management system.

As the world moves so fast and everything is developing with great speed you can see the evolution from 2007 to 2022. Everything is changed. And we are moving towards betterment. Although Plex was a great device for the assessment of media but over time various other streaming platforms comes up with betterment with great features and better storage forms.

Now there are so many platforms that are there doing much better than Plex. Because technology is improving so fast and today everything is so smart. So people will want to prefer that platform which is better than the previous one. From 2007 to 2022 everything is more advanced the techniques they developed before were the best. But now the technology is more advanced and people’s expectation increases more than before so for fulfilling the requirement and for the betterment of technique, there are many other platforms are there like plex.

Those platforms are more advanced. They are having better features than Plex. There are many alternatives are there for plex. In this guide, we will talk about the 6 best alternatives to plex. The following are the best platforms working as alternatives to Plex.

  • Emby
  • Kodi
  • Infuse
  • Universal media server
  • Serviio
  • Jellyfin

1. Emby

Emby is a media server used for storing all the media forms like Plex. But it is better and more advanced than the Plex server. In my media server, you can store all your media files, movies, tv shows, music, pictures, and anything you want to access in a particular place on your device. you can easily access this server with any of your media devices like smartphones, computer tablets, and other devices you prefer. Emby has many features better than the Plex server. It includes 

Using Ebmy is free you have to charge nothing to use this server but if want to take more advantage of this server then you have the choice to get a premium to sever. The premium subscription of Emby is called Emby Premiere. Which provides better features like you can access your media in offline form also.

Emby provides you liveTV and digital video recording with the premium subscription you can record your video directly with the server.

Emby provides you with remote access means you can get your data even away from your house with the help of the internet. This is just like the Plex server.

Emby has a great feature by which you can manage the content requirement like what is good for what age group. You can manage the content according to your age group.

2. Kodi

Kodi is also a media server that provides you with a great experience for storing your media files. It is like Plex sever but it is better in some forms than Plex. Plex does not need a central server for working but in Kodi, there is a requirement for a central server to play and store your media content. 

Kodi media server provides you the authority to customize your content according to your choices. You can create your screen according to your choice.

If you are preferring Kodi as your media file server so you also have the choice to add more ads and apps for better results. Kodi allows you to add on apps for a better experience.

In the Kodi media server, you can make your library where you can add your files separately which is a great way to separate your important content so that you can find it easily.

You can control Kodi with a remote. You have the choice to install a remote in your device like a smartphone or you can also use physical remotes.

If you want to experience your movie or show on a big screen. You can connect the Kodi to your big-screen theater for a better experience.

3. Infuse

Infuse is a great alternative for Plex media servers. As nowadays everyone is using iPhone. For Apple lovers infuse is specially designed for Apple devices. This is designed for IOS and tvOs devices. So basically infuse is a media server that is specially designed for Apple devices. Through this server, you can watch high-resolution content with good quality and a better version. It provides you with an excellent streaming experience.

Setting up infuse app is an easy process just download the app on your Apple device like iPhone, iPad, or whatever you are preferring. After installing just add your files and media to infuse and enjoy great streaming.

It provides you offline streaming for watching your movie in offline mode there is a infuse pro that provides betterment by offline streaming.

Infuse provides an additional feature called trakt integration. This is the feature by which you can start your streaming from the last where you ended. There is no need to start5 it again from the beginning. You can see your watching library on the screen when you click on the movie or whatever you are watching and it starts from where you left off.

Infuse provides to helps you to provide subtitles on your screen for a better understanding of the audio. For a better understanding. 

4. Universal Media Server

The universal media server is an open free-of-cost service to store your media files. It is a great platform to store your movies videos music and all media files. It easily differentiates or makes categories between your selected media files and access. there is no premium subscription required for streaming in a universal media server. UMS access all your devices phone tv and all.

The universal media server is a transparent server that provides an open streaming platform. This server is open to everyone. Individuals can conveniently store and access their media files with all the essential streaming features offered by this service. only. Everyone can use this server easily.

There is no requirement for a premium subscription if you are using a universal media server. It is free of cost. It’s a great alternative to Plex because there is no need to get a premium like Plex for streaming.

This is server needs fewer sources for streaming like Plex if your device older and less in power you can easily access your device without any problem.

It is better to support the device you prefer than the Plex server.

Plex Alternatives

5. Serviio

Serviio is a media server to store all your media files movies, tv shows, and games. If we compare it with the plex then it is more powerful than the plex. And it’s upon preference. Serviio is a media server that easily accesses all your media files it allows people to access their smart TVs and phones and you can access your blu ray player and gaming consoles with the help of the Serviio media player.

It can transcode your media files according to your device like what capacity your device has and the content the device can support service can convert your content according to your device whether it is high or low-quality service can manage both and can convert.

Serviio provides free features that Plex only offers in its premium subscription. All those features that plex provides by paying serviio provide all those features free of cost.

In service, you can select the media according to your choice. You have the choice to select what you want to see.

Serviio also has the ability of remort controlling you can control the app by physical remort or by installing the application on your device like a smartphone.

6. Jellyfin

Jellyfin is the foundation of Emby it provides you with similar features without getting their premium subscription. It is the better alternative to Plex because it provides better features and while using Jellyfin you have complete control over your content you can manage it according to your preference. Everything is in your hands you can manage it on your own. It is an open source for your streaming.

  • It supports a wide range of devices and you can install it easily on your devices.
  • This is a great media server and easy to use.
  • It is free of cost there is no need for a premium subscription.
  • This is a user-friendly server.


Plex is a great way to store your media files like movies tv, shows, games, and music. But there are many other devices are there which provide better features than the Plex media server. As everything is moving towards betterment your devices like your smartphones and pads all with smart features for these technical improvements you need to update your media server so that you can access your files more easily.

Various Plex alternatives are there but in this guide, we mentioned mainly six infuse, emby, serviio, universal media server, jellyfin, and Kodi these all are the better version and alternatives for Plex server media with more features to access your device.