Plan Your Dream Wedding with an Instant Personal Loan

Plan Your Dream Wedding

In India, weddings are expensive. It starts with inviting innumerable relatives, friends and colleagues to buying jewelries, dresses and fetching the best caterer, everything will need large sums of money to make it grand in the truest sense.

So, you should have a sound financial plan to execute this event and make it memorable. This is when a wedding loan can be a convenient option because breaking deposits may not be the right move with an eye towards the future.

Few things to consider before opting for this loan:

A. Borrow the amount that you need

Make a wedding budget before applying for the Wedding Loan. Estimating the total expense helps you to avail the correct amount instead of opting for additional debts.

Moreover, try to structure the entire plan at least three to four months before the wedding. Often it’s seen; people end up with certain expenditures that they had not thought of earlier.


Covering the various expenses leading online lenders provide a robust sum of wedding loan, i.e. a form of personal loan ranging up to Rs. 25 Lakh.

B. Make sure to have a sound credit score

Lenders consider a borrower’s CIBIL score before giving the final consent. As these loans are unsecured, a sound credit score shows the borrower’s financial position. Hence, it is always advised to maintain a credit rating above 750.

This aids in fetching low interest rates personal loan saving a lot of money.

C. Evaluate your repayment capability

Keep your financial goal realistic by selecting an appropriate loan repayment schedule. People often choose long tenures. But experts suggest shorter periods to save up the cost up of interests and EMIs.

Many leading lenders provide online EMI calculator to avoid defaults.

D. Arrange all the documents beforehand

Lastly, arrange all the necessary documents required for applying the loan to avoid extra headaches at the eleventh hour. A borrower needs to furnish KYC documents, employee ID card, salary slips of the last two months and salary account statements for the previous three months.

How to apply for the wedding loan?

Thank the technology-driven world! Don’t take the hassle of visiting a branch to apply for a loan when you need to be at the altar!

Go online and complete the application process within 60 seconds. However, make sure to meet the basic personal loan eligibility criteria. It states a borrower must be between 23 and 58 years of age. Also, he has to be an employee of an MNC or any other private/public company.

So, with quick approval and speedy disbursal, personal loan for wedding works like your line of credit whenever you need it.


Reputable NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv give attractive interest rates on personal loan for weddings. It also provides pre-approved offer on personal loans, business loans, home loans and a lot of other financial services and products.

Moreover, new-age digital lenders also provide a Flexi Loan facility for the loan seekers. Here, a borrower can withdraw funds as per requirements, and he has to pay interest only on the utilised amount. Adding to that, the borrower will also recompense interest as the only EMI, cutting it down by up to 45%.

Therefore, you have the freedom to use a wedding loan for various purposes; even to encompass the after-event expenditures. So, with the high amount, easy EMIs and payment terms, tackle all the wedding and other costs with ease.