5 Ways To Make Someone Fall In Love with You

Make Someone Fall In Love with You

Love is not exactly something you can force on anyone. It happens with time and there is never a guarantee of one falling in love with you but that doesn’t mean you don’t make the efforts. No one can ever give a warranty that if you follow some steps you will have the other fall in love with you but there are sure techniques which have been proved really effective in making someone fall in love with you and get you to capture those love spells pictures to treasure your entire life. Following are 5 of such ways to increase the chances of someone falling head over heels for you.

Eye contacts:

Eye contacts are a crucial part of any relationship. According to a study two people were given a set of instructions and after following those they were told to look into each other’s eyes and then asked about the feelings they had for each other. The results were very conclusive and positive. Eyes are called the window to the soul and love is all about knowing about another’s soul in a better way. Thus letting the person know you more the chances of him getting close to you increase.

Hard to Get:

One thing that keeps everyone on edge is the mystery. They are thrilled when the next person plays hard to get. If you make the other person believe that it is not you who wants him/her and gives that person a tough time he/she will naturally be attracted to you to know what the fuss is about. Every person wishes to take on the challenge and prove he can have everything. No one runs after things they already have it is the things that seem out of their league that drive them to strive.


It was claimed that to get the person interested in you a tested way is to play the game of 36 questions. These questions are divided into categories according to the level of intimacy required by each question. As you go further up the ladder the chances become better. The game has been fruitful for many and should be played. These questions can even make two strangers fall in love with one another since with each answer a part of their being is in front of you and the intimacy grows.

Risky situations:

All the novels you must have read must have had the mention of adrenaline rush. The thing is with the hormones the chances of love get better. If you are in a risky situation where there is too much adrenaline involved there is a huge chance that after the experience the feelings will be different for the person who was there with you during the situation. Get in a thrilling situation with your potential lover.


No matter what people believe honesty is always the best policy. It will not only make the person fall in love with you but also make the relationship a strong and trusting one. Be honest from day one and things will be in your favor.