'obj' Symbol

What Does Obj Mean In The Text?

Feeling perplexed by technology is a fairly common thing for many and it is safe to say that the level of confusion does not depend on the complexity of the technology being used. Even the simplest task could make the users feel too much. ‘OBJ’ is one such example that makes users feel ‘it’s easy, we should all know about this.’

‘OBJ’ is a symbol that appears occasionally in texts, mostly when different platforms are being used. It is an acronym for Object which makes its presence known from time to time.

What Is The Purpose Of The ‘obj’ Symbol?

The main objective of this symbol is to inform the users that the app or device they are using is not up-to-date and, therefore, is unable to identify the emojis or characters typed. The ‘OBJ’ symbol is used as a substitute for the emojis or characters which the software can’t recognize.

The above-mentioned procedure usually happens when the receiving and sending devices work on distinct operating systems which means that the system of the sending device does not have its counterpart in the receiving device. It also occurs when the emojis and fonts used by the sending device don’t support by the receiving end.

Why Is The User Seeing The ‘obj’ Symbol?

Unsupported Unicode

¬†‘OBJ’ may sometimes appear when copying and pasting characters and texts from other apps or websites. This happens due to unsupported Unicode. It is a standardized part allotted to every font and character, irrespective of the device or program and if the device being used does not support the Unicode being copied, then it will automatically get substituted with ‘the OBJ’ symbol.

New emoji update

The new emoji update is another for the appearance of the ‘OBJ’ symbol. New emojis sometimes adds to the device before the suitable Unicode updates. If this happens, the user may see multiple replacement characters in the place of emojis, this means that an update initiated and the keyboard used by the user requires the same update. Once the update completes, the Unicode will update and the ‘OBJ’ symbol will replace by the original emojis.

Glitching issue

This symbol occurs in iPhones as well when the feature of voice-to-text glitches. This is a tool in the iPhone where it recognizes the speech then turns it into suitable objects and finally into the text the user wanted. In some occasions, the above-mentioned tool stops working due to incompatibility with other software, in this event, the iPhone may recognize the speech but will not know the letters and words to match the speech accurately. As a consequence, the ‘OBJ’ symbol gets substituted at the places where the speech is unrecognized.

Data corruption

‘OBJ’ symbols also occur when there are cases of data corruption. During the transfer of documents, the data attached to it sometimes corrupts which makes it unreadable. This unreadable data shows by the symbol of ‘OBJ’.

Ways to fix the ‘OBJ’ symbol-

Importance of Updating the system

Constantly updating the devices’ operating system is a must to avoid the occurrence of the ‘OBJ’ symbol. The update can be by going to settings and clicking System Update. Once the update completes, the ‘OBJ’ symbol will replace by the original contents.

Application update

Certain applications may lag during the system update because of a temporary glitch. This glitch may allow the symbol to stay longer than intended, and to remove it entirely, the users have to update the application to their latest version.

Browser check

Another important process to follow is the checking of the browser. Almost all communication happens on the internet which makes the browser a crucial aspect of the software, therefore keeping it updated is significant for the smooth- symbol less working of the system.

Incompatibility of keyboard

There are times when the ‘OBJ’ symbol appears on the text even after the user has updated the system. This happens because of the incompatibility of the keyboard with the device. Certain keyboards don’t come with certain emojis and to avoid this, the user has to download and then install an emoji library in their device. This new library will allow the user to see the current emojis and characters using. Some of the great apps to use instead of the default keyboard are Bitmoji and Swift keyboard. Both these apps are free to download on Android and iOS devices. After the installation is complete, the user has to set the recently downloaded keyboard as a primary keyboard.


There is no doubt that emojis, nowadays, are the primary thing that carries the conversation on almost every online platform, text message and social media post. It may come across as a great inconvenience if the user is denied from using the desired emojis and seeing ‘OBJ’ in its place. Therefore, it becomes essential that everyone understands the meaning of the ‘OBJ’ symbol. Know why it occurs to avoid its appearance again in the future.