Snapchat Emojis

Have you ever wondered how sometimes that emoji that you are about to use, suddenly gets appeared on your tab?

Well, that’s how the back end of all these social media and text messaging apps is designed to serve their users with a blissful experience.

Social media apps like Snapchat track your overall app usage and monitor it scrupulously. Based on your conversation with your different friends, it then assigns Snapchat emojis to them depending upon how often you chat with that person.

Whenever scrolling down through your Snapchat feed, you will observe that next to the name of each of the Snapchat users, there would be particular emoji.

What do the Snapchat emoji mean?

To become an avid Snapchat user, you need to be thorough with some of the most significant Snapchat emojis on Snapchat and what they signify.

In this blog today, we are going to delve deep into what these emojis mean on Snapchat.

From that cheerful yellow heart to that raging and sparkling fire emoji, we are going to cover most of them. So that, next time when you came across a particular emoji next to the name of a Snapchat user, you can simply decode the meaning behind that Snapchat Emoji.

Snapchat Emojis

The Exact Use of Emojis on Snapchat

Well, unlike other social media apps, the emojis on Snapchat has got a different meaning as well as different usage too.

On other apps, emojis are usually used as mediums to articulate emotions. These are used while chatting with friends and writing social media posts and captions.

On the flip side, emojis serve an altogether different purpose on Snapchat. 

Emojis on Snapchat are known as Friend emojis. This is a photo-centric and ephemeral social media platform. It is widely used by youth around the globe to maintain those cool and cosy Snap streaks. It uses different emojis for individual Snapchat users in your list. These define your relationship with them. It is basically, how often you contact them or share Snaps with them.

In a nutshell, it notices how much you are interacting and communicating with your friends on an individual basis on Snapchat. After that, the app defines them with a particular emoji. Furthermore, it also assigns them a category based on the same factors. It is to assign them a particular Snapchat emoji. 

Check below to find all the Snapchat emojis in detail. Also, check them out in detail.

1. Smile Emoji (Best Friends)

You might have a long and endless list of your friends on Snapchat. But for those who are close to you, kind of your best friends would denote with a smile emoji next to their username. Mind it, they will not be on the top of your friend list. They would not have a yellow heart until you keep frequently interacting with them regularly.

2. Yellow Heart Emoji (For Besties)

Ever wondered what the yellow heart means on Snapchat?

The true bros who are each other’s best friends would always see a cheerful, yellow heart icon next to each other’s name whenever they will share Snaps.

The yellow heart represents a bond of lasting and faithful friendship. It signifies that the person is your best friend. Of course, he/she would be the one you share all your happy and sad moments with.

A yellow heart on Snapchat is indeed a moment worth celebrating.

3. Red Heart Emoji (Best Friend for Two Weeks)

Before unlocking that yellow heart, two users first have to be each other’s best friend for two straight consecutive weeks, which means that they have to be quite active on each other’s feed, must be frequently sharing Snaps and streaks, and interacting often. Staying on top for two weeks will lead to a red heart emoji in front of that person.

4. Two Pink Hearts (BFFs for two Months) 

Apart from Snapchat streak, you would develop a bond of super bestie with the one when both of have been each other’s top best friend for two consecutive months straightforward. For these Snap friends, you will observe two cute pink hearts in front of their usernames.

5. Sunglasses Face (For Mutual Best friends)

If you are sharing a bond of a best friend with a user who is also a bestie of one of your best friends, then his username would have a cool and cosy sunglasses face in your list. Quite common for those users who are from the same community, like school, office, or college.

6. Baby Emoji (Welcome to the Friends list)

For those who have just recently been added to your friends list on Snapchat, a baby emoji will appear to their name. Make sure both of you are adding each other to your friend list.

7. Cake Emoji (Friend’s Birthday) 

You will bin instantly get a reminder for your friend’s birthday with a cake emoji appearing next to their username when the special day arrives.

8. Gold Star Emoji

If someone, apart from you, has tapped your friend’s snap to get a replay glimpse of it in the last 24 hours, then he would be glorified with a gold star emoji.

9. Fire Emoji (Snapstreak)

If you have sent and received a Snap from/to the same person for three consecutive days, then it is officially the beginning of a Snapstreak

The friend would have a raging fire emoji in front of his username whenever his streak will pop up.

10. 100 Emoji (100 Consecutive Days of Sharing Streaks)

Those who maintain 100 consecutive days of sharing Snapstreaks with you, would honor with 100 emoji in front of their username in your list. These are the ones who are happy and satiated to share their life moments with you.

11. Hourglass Emoji

If you have spent almost 20 hours without sharing a snap with your friend, then an hourglass will appear in front of your username. It indicates a red flag that the Snapstreak is about to end if you fail to share a streak with them in the remaining 4 hours left for the day.

Hope this vital info would help you become a pro user while using Snapchat.