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Murder trials and sensational incidents of any person tell a lot about the character of him/her. When we get to know that a person has tried killing someone all we think about is how other people who were around that person must have felt or how that person has treated other people. We try to get to know about the murderer’s other relationships as well as what role they have played in his/her life right?

Similarly, you must have heard of O J. Simpson’s case who was accused of trying to murder his second wife Nicole Brown as well as her friend named Ron Goldman. Because of series and documentaries, this incident and trial have been rehashed and people cannot get over it.

What about his first wife? Who is she? Where is she now? How was her relationship with Simpson?

So in this article, we will be talking about Marguerite Whitley and what she is doing now, her age, her income, and much more.

Marguerite Whitley was a very successful woman even when she married to Simpson, She had a good business career but even after that, she had to live in the shadow of her husband.


Marguerite Whitley was born on the 20th of March 1949. As of now, she is 74 years old. She was born in Los Angeles, California. Therefore, her nationality is American. She has grown up with her family in many parts of America’s California.

Early Life

Marguerite Whitley comes from the family of an African American. Though we don’t have much knowledge about her early life. She attended Galileo High School and after completing high school she joined the University of Southern California. In 1967 Marguerite Whitley completed her diploma.

How Did She Meet Simpson?

Marguerite Whitley first got to know O.J. Simpson during her time at Galileo High School. According to the information she was dating one of Simpson’s very good friends named AI Cowlings. But things didn’t work out with them. As a friend, Cowlings wanted help from Simpson and made him talk to Whitley so that their relationship could work but instead, Marguerite Whitley and Simpson fell in love.

Later on, these two started dating in 1965. Their relationship grew each day and became stronger with time. Even when Simpson left the college, the two continued dating and their love grew. The bond became so strong that the couple decided to marry and start a family. Therefore on the 24th of June in 1967 the beautiful pair married. According to them, marriage was fun and they were not fully aware of the responsibilities that come along with it.

Marguerite Whitley was just 18 years old when she married while Simpson was just 19. They had no idea about what they were doing. All they could think of was how they did not have to answer their parents. They were living a fun life full of entertainment and so on. It was all normal. Things were running smoothly, Simpson was a budding college athlete.


Later that year, he got recognition and became famous as he won the Heisman Trophy, which was for the most outstanding performer or player of college football in the country. Later on, in 1969 he got a contract of 650,000 dollars. He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills into the NFL. It was completely unpredictable.

How Long Did Their Marriage Last?

With this amount of success, Marguerite Whitley and Simpson were now able to move to New York City and settle in the Amherst neighborhood. Marguerite Whitley was occupied in various pursuits and meanwhile, Simpson made his way as an NFL player. He became one of the most popular athletes in America.

Their married life was working fine and in 9 years this couple had three children and named them Arnell, Aaren, and Jason Lamar. With the arrival of the kids Marguerite Whitley had to focus more on her family and home therefore she decided to dial down from the path of career and focused more on the family. They were living a lavish life.

But later on, Marguerite Whitley said in one of her interviews in 1995 that they had some issues as well. There is no doubt that they had money but they were really immature, as they did not know how to use the money and how to invest that in anything. As they were young and had no experience of life, all these issues piled up. Apart from that, the successes of Simpson led to much media attention. Though it was not a problem for him for Whitley it was.

She was a very shy and introverted person and this much attention created problems in her and her children’s lives. Another reason and problem was Simpson’s ego and anger. Because of all this, their married life faltered and led to multiple separations around the 1970s. Their marriage lasted around 12 (twelve) years and then came to an end.


Marguerite Whitley filed a divorce but later called it off and wanted to give Simpson another chance. Later on, in 1977, Simpson had an affair with a waitress named Nicole Brown. The affair persisted for a long time. Therefore, in 1978 the couple started living apart from each other and filed a divorce which finalized in 1979. In the court, it decided that Simpson had to pay or give $1500 to Marguerite Whitley for children’s support.

But, Simpson was not so cooperative, and therefore Marguerite Whitley sued Simpson for the same, i.e. neglecting child support money. The money was around $26,000 in 1981. The court finalized it in 1986.

What Happened After Divorce?

Marguerite Whitley, after the divorce moved out of the house of Simpson (Brentwood Home). In San Francisco, she found a new home and started living in it with her children and focused all of her attention on her kids only.

Along with that, she worked on herself as well as her personal life. Later on, she fell in love with a person named Rudolph Lewis who was a transit supervisor. Their relationship went well and dated for some time. After a year, both decided to marry and married on the 9th of July in 1986. It was the marriage that was smooth in the beginning but later on, the two faced some issues. The marriage lasted for like five years and after that, both decided to part ways. On the 3rd of April 1991, their divorce finalized in Los Angeles.

When Marguerite Whitley divorced again, she decided to work on her family and her responsibilities by leaving everything behind. She decided to forge a career as an Interior designer. Marguerite loved her work. She was so focused on it and so emerged in her life. During this time, she met a person named Anthony Thomas. He is a furniture sales rep. Both of them fell in love with each other. They helped each other both emotionally and financially. The couple’s love increased day by day and after a point of time, both decided to marry. On the 3rd of April in 1992, the couple got married. The two built their life and relationship.

Anthony Thomas supported Marguerite Whitley throughout her ex-husband’s trial. He was on Marguerite Whitley’s side as she dealt with all the drama related to Simpson and his trial for the murder of his wife.

Her Side In The Trial

O.J. Simpson was accused of murdering his second wife Nicole. The couple dated for many years and got married in February 1985. Their marriage was running smoothly and lasted for seven years. In 1992 the couple got divorced but they attempted to reconcile in 1993. Though that did not work, the pair then decided to part ways.

But on the 12th of June 1994, Nicole got stabbed and died alongside Ron Goldman. She was found dead outside her home in Brentwood. Naturally, Simpson was the suspect and soon he was charged for that.

Eleven months the trial continued and people who were connected with Simpson were in the spotlight. Marguerite Whitley was one of them. Marguerite Whitley was totally in favor of her ex-husband. She came each and every day to the court along with her kids and supported her Ex-husband. During that time she was asked by the media to give an interview but she refused and said she would not give any of the interviews or talk to any of the journalists.


Later on, in 1995 she finally agreed on giving an interview. Therefore Barbara Walter interviewed her and she was on one of the episodes of the 20/20 show. In that interview, she made sure that she did not think her ex-husband was capable of murdering Nicole in any way.

She further said that during her marriage or relationship with Simpson, she had never faced any sort of problem (physically), she said he had never laid a figure on her during their relationship. Therefore it is absurd to think that he can murder two people. Marguerite Whitley said that if anything like that would have happened with her she must have said it to the world but things were pretty normal between them.

But Marguerite Whitley’s statements countered by LAPD officer JIM KING in 1995. King said that there was a domestic violence call received by them from Simpson’s call from Whitley saying that she had been punched by Simpson and got choked and pushed to the ground. Both Marguerite Whitley and Simpson denied this and at the end of the trial in 1995, of double murders, Simpson acquitted.

Whitley’s Present Life

Naturally, Marguerite Whitley was already a shy and private person and after her ex-husband’s trial, she maintained a low profile. She said No to each and every interview request. Marguerite Whitley also denied taking part in any documentary as such. Though she was earlier living in Los Angeles, she now lives in Fresno, California. She keeps the chapter of her Ex-husband closed.

Her Net worth

After the divorce from her first husband, she inherited her family’s business and this boosted her income. According to the information her current worth is around three million dollars. She is a really hard worker and will continue to remain the same.

Her Physical Features

Marguerite Whitley is a beautiful woman. Her eyes are brown and her hair is black. According to the internet, her height is around 5’5″ in feet and 165 cm. Marguerite Whitley’s Zodiac sign is Pisces. She has curly hair and has a beautiful smile.

Wrapping Up

Marguerite Whitley is a very opinionated woman. She knows what she wants in her life and she continues to work on it. Marguerite has been in the limelight because of her ex-husband’s trial but she chose to stand with him. She believes in maintaining a low profile and is a private person. Marguerite Whitley is an independent woman who continues to grow.

So this was all about Marguerite Whitley and her life. We hope you have got all the information and do let us know if we have missed anything. Take care 🙂