Be it East or the West, rural, urban, or today India adapting to the new trends, in its evolution India has always been rooted in its rich heritage and traditions. Two words ‘mangal’ -holy and ‘sutra’ -thread, knotted together as a symbolic neck-piece is graciously gifted to the bride by her groom. Whether it’s a flamboyant lavish wedding, traditional temple affair, or simple signing of the marriage vows, even today a wedding is never complete without the Nallapusalu (mangalsutra). Groom ties the auspicious knot and she continues to wear this sacred adornment all through her life. The essence of the binding thread is well known and it continues to remain a part of every Indian women’s closet.

Simple, elegant, or the elaborate gold mangalsutra every woman adorns the black beads to exhibit the joy and bliss of marriage. Region, tradition, and culture impact the length, shape, size, and appearance of the mangalsutra but everywhere it is still a symbol of eternal love, respect, and trust.  India is well popular for its intricate artwork, with a blend of the religious touch which is well explicit in its jewellery too.

Mangalsutra -Trending with Trends:

With time, trend, attire, and lifestyle Mangalsutra has been trending in designs but its essence still remains intact. A modern-day working woman or the ever-busy homemaker, as modernization seeps in, the significance of Nallapusalu is still unaltered.

1. Elaborate Long Mangalsutra

We have been hearing it for a long time: “Old is Gold”. It is Knotted in gold the black beaded elaborate gold Mangalsutra. Women adorn it as a proud symbol of their marriage and often as a show of wealth. Also, known for its negative repellence powers, the black beads serve as a protection or to ward off evil eyes and protect the couple.

2. Simple and Elegant

Whoever said “Simplicity is Beauty” means it in every aspect. Everyday attire to work demands simple Mangalsutra which is easy to carry off at ease and grace. In varied designs be it floral, religious, heart-shaped, fashionable, or elegant. The art in itself is a platter of choices to suit every personality.

3. Short with pendant

South to North, the TV buzz and the regular serial characters have been setting the trend of single line black beads dotting a small pendant. The chain-like model just gripping the slim neck cajoles the beauty and is eye-catchy. Who would not want to embrace the beauty and look pretty every single day?

4. Dazzling in Diamond

The modern chic woman, who is classy and wears her attitude also knows how to carry the mangalsutra at her best. The dazzling gorgeous Bollywood divas who recently tied the knots in a dreamy fairy tale wedding -Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra or Deepika Padukone have exhibited the traditions in their status quo with the diamond-studded mangalsutra. Single solitaire, diamond teardrop, or the dazzling pendant with every stone the economic value and elegance has only widened the eyes and attracted the media but nowhere has the mangal jewel lost any of its significance.

5. Religious traditional design

Dated to the south culture sculpted with Goddess Lakhsmi is the traditional two cups or casual design. The evergreen south Indian model which also marks prosperity and good luck symbolizes the start of conjugal life.

6. Fashion wear Mangalsutra

The new trend and feminine attitude of the modern woman wearing jeans, denim or a long frock still beholds her inner tradition of adorning a very special design be it geometric patterns or floral motifs to typical leaf, allowing them to make a style statement. The attractive design spices her look and brings out the fashionista.

Not just on festive or special occasions mangalsutra has been one jewel for all reasons and season. Whether for mangal or for style every Indian woman would look for the latest and traditional designs in mangalsutra. It is one piece of jewellery which is a must and should ownership of every woman. It doesn’t matter whether living a middle or upper lifestyle to shop for gold jewellery online.

Whether you wear the Jumkas, Haram, Vaddanam designs a woman’s dressing is never complete without the symbolic black beads-Mangalsutra.


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