Moving Boxes

A shift to a new city, or moving houses is not so easy as it looks in the movies. Rather, it needs proper planning and careful execution, is time-consuming, and needs your patience. If you are a first-timer, or if your previous moves haven’t been very smooth, here are some common mistakes that you may have made and here’s how you can correct them.

Mistake 1: Do Not Consider Shifting to Be a Very Easy Job

People often end up thinking that moving houses is a very easy task. All you need to do is, put all your things in cheap storage boxes, but that is not the case.

Correction: Before you shift, you are meant to go through all your things. Sort them out. Decide what you want to donate, what can be thrown away, and what you want to carry to your new house. Pack your valuables with proper care. Put them in moving boxes, supported with bubble wrap or packaging peanuts to make sure they are safe from all types of hurts and bruises.

Mistake 2: Do Not Rush While You Organise

You may be emotional while you shift and that might cloud your thought process. This often makes it difficult for you to decide what you may/need to pack.

Solution: We would suggest you start preparing for your move at least 6-8 weeks before the final date. If you are single or just two people moving together, 4-6 weeks may be enough. But if you have family members more than three, then definitely nothing less than 6 weeks. This will help you get a stronger hold over the situation, and sort things out with ease.

Mistake 3: Choose the Right Packaging Material

When you shift, you would require a lot of cardboard boxes, that too of different shapes and sizes. Most of you try reusing boxes to move, but we wouldn’t suggest you to do so. Why so? Because old, soiled packaging boxes may be weak from inside, damaging your products in return.

Solution: Make sure to buy new cardboard packaging boxes of the correct sizes as your things. Pack the box with your items, and fill the gaps with cushioning material to safeguard your products. Don’t plan to save on Bubble Wrap or packaging peanuts and tapes. Label these boxes which one to go where and the items that need to be handled with care.

Mistake 4: Get Your Packing Game on Point

Choosing the wrong boxes.

Solution: Avoid packing heavy items in big boxes, else, neither the packers nor you will be able to pick up the boxes. Use small boxes to pack heavy items or pair them with softer things like clothes to balance out. Also make sure that you put the heavier items in new sturdy boxes, to protect the things and yourself too.

Mistake 5: No Labelling of Boxes

Forgetting to the label means messy and disorganised unpacking, missing objects, and turn your unpacking day/days into a series of guessing games.

Solution: Label your boxes as to what it contains inside, especially the fragile boxes. You can also use specific coloured tapes for boxes that you want to carry yourself, or boxes that need to be handled with special care.

Mistake 6: Do Not Be Overconfident

If you are an independent person and like to stay by yourself, moving to a new place so independently may not be a very good option. Moving includes a lot of hidden costs and problems, and if you are not acquainted with the local language or the local rates, a shifting may cost you a lot more than you have expected.

Solution: When moving by yourself, try to engage your neighbours and friends. Lifting heavy moving boxes is another hurdle that needs to be sorted and it is best if you get professional help for this. Professional movers know their job (and the boxes!) well that significantly lowers your and your friends’ risk of an injury.

These common mistakes and solutions to these may be an eye-opener for you as to what you have been doing wrong all this time. Even if you are changing your den for the first time, these will help you decide the right things, and choosing the best packaging supplies in the industry.

By Globe Packaging

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