Indoor Plants for your Interior Design

Designing your interiors is not like buying your home appliances or a vehicle. Interior design is a totally different ball game. Home is our dream come true moment, we aren’t gonna change our home. It’s a one time investment which must be handled with care. 

Our Interior design should elevate our emotions, behaviour and must give comfort too. We must choose a professional interior designers to make this possible. 

So how are we gonna make it?

There are dozens of choices available in the market, on an average homeowners spend around Rs 1.5 lacs to Rs 50 lacs for their home interiors. 

People buy Interior Accessories for their home but they forget to buy indoor plants. Accessories might look stunning but indoor plants will give extraordinary results. They give us fresh air, increasing our mood and helping us to connect with mother earth. 

As a matter of fact, the report from IQAIR is, air pollution in chennai is increasing rapidly, at the rate of PM2.5 (Air Quality Index). They suggest in the future that our air pollution might go beyond PM 10 which is literally dangerous for us to breathe.

We have to grow trees to overcome these issues, the government taking norms and planting millions of plants and trees across chennai. It’s our job to grow trees in our home.

If you are living in an individual villa, we can find a place to plant trees. Since most of the urban population lives in apartments and gateways. We can grow them inside our lovely house. 

Here are the list of Indoor for Interior Design

  • Money Tree
  • Dragon Tree
  • String of Pearls
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
  • Bird of Paradise

Let’s go deeper into every category.

Pachira Aquatica or Money Tree:

Money plants can grow even without soil. Apartment owners used to grow them in small pots and they didn’t need much water. Money plants are considered as a lucky plant for home and office. 

Pachira Aquatica has the capability of boosting your inner emotions and bringing positivity. 

  • Cost of Money plant will be between Rs 30 to Rs 100/- 

Benefits of growing money plant:

  • It has the capacity of removing carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and benzene from air.
  • Reduces stress and brings prosperity to your life
  • Usually you can clean aquarium water with money plants as well. 

Dragon Tree or Dracaena Draco:

Nasa scientists confirmed that the dragon tree can act as an air filter. And it can reduce air pollution as well. 

Dragon tree solve two purposes 

  • It works as an air purifier.
  • It is beautiful as well.

Usually dragon trees bloom in spring but they cannot bloom indoors.

  • The Cost of the Dragon tree is a little bit higher when we compare it with other indoor plants. Plants price starts from Rs 600 to Rs 1500/-

Why we need to Grow Dragon Tree in our home

  • Balance the humidity inside our room
  • Best Air purifying plant.
  • Psychologically increase your concentration and focus.

String of Pearls or Senecio Rowleyanus: 

This plant is majorly found in Southwest Africa and it is a hanging plant. It can grow up to 2 to 3 feet long. Senecio Rowleyanus looks great inside your home. It gives you an avatar effect, at the same time it gives the feeling of a dense forest.

Note: Never eat the fruit from a string of pearls. University of california rated this plant as Toxicity Class 2 and 4. Make sure to keep them on the balcony or hang them higher. 

Cost of String of pearls Starts from Rs 450 to Rs 800/. Depends upon the grade. 

Benefits of Growing String of pearls:

  • Cleans air (Nasa Air Clean Report)
  • They just need less sunlight and water.

This plant will elevate your interior design and help you to increase positive emotions as well as creativity.

Fiddle Leaf Fig or Ficus Lyrata:

Fiddle Leaf Fig can grow taller, it’s totally different from other indoor plants. The growth percentage is high. We must cut off the stem when it reaches its peak. 

Usually homeowners grow this plant in a big pot and keep them near the sofa set or dining table. 

The Price is very cheap when compared with other indoor plants it lies in between Rs 60 to Rs 100/-

Why Fiddle Leaf Fig is best option for you:

  • Since this plant grows bigger, the air purification level is higher than other plants.
  • If your parents are staying with you, keep this plant inside their room which improves their physical health.
  • Big Fig leaves look bold and stunning inside your home interiors. 

Maintaining Fig plant is very easy. A small amount of sunlight and weekly watering is more than enough.

Bird of Paradise or Strelitzia Reginae:

Last but not least, the bird of paradise is considered as one of the most beautiful plants on earth. The Orange color flower looks amazing. Definitely you feel like you are in a sci-fi movie. 

Though they bought this plant from dense forest, it’s a complete house plant. We can maintain this plant like a normal one.

The Leaves of the plant grow taller so make sure the plant gets enough sunlight. 

The Price of Bird of Paradise is a little bit higher than other interior plants. The price lies between Rs 500 to Rs 800/-

Features of Growing Bird of Paradise for your home interiors:

  • Undoubtedly looks beautiful and stunning.
  • This plant can Clean your air upto 90%. 
  • Blooming time of this plant takes around 3 to 4 years. Meanwhile they can produce the flower spike upto 36 a year.
  • Birds of paradise need enough sunlight, so keep them near a window or door. We can use minimal water but never over water them. 


Interior designing is becoming more necessary than luxury. Because Designing your interiors gives you more functionality and provides us space for decoration. It’s a 30 billion dollar industry and completely evolving day by day. 

Many interior designers give space for homeowners to grow plants. It is our job to maintain them with care. Stay away from air pollution and live a harmonious life.