Use Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the most used packaging materials when it comes to shipping products safely to your customers. It is popular for packaging jewellery items, white goods, furniture and many other fragile products that require some kind of shock absorption.

Every industry requires bubble wrap rolls to package their products and to ensure their safety during transit and storage. A bubble wrap roll is the easiest way to save the surface of any delicate product from getting scratched. Be it lightweight or heavyweight product, it can be easily wrapped using this packaging material to save it from any type of damage.

Why Use Bubble Wrap?

It’s the most cost effective way to package your products that need to be shipped. Bubble wrap provides good protection along with flexibility. It can be used for big or small products of any shape. It can easily adapt itself as per the shape of the item when wrapped around it.

Bubble wrap roll makes packaging hassle free as it can be cut to fit the size and shape of your product. The pull and tear off option makes it easier to use. Since it is lightweight, it saves extra shipping costs while ensuring the safety of products in transit or storage.

It is preferred by many industries for packaging their products as it offers an unprecedented degree of protection, being both shock absorbing and abrasion resistant.

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Different Sizes of Bubble Wrap

Bubble packaging material is available in different size options online. In the market, you will find different sizes of bubbles and different sizes of rolls too. Depending on your industry requirement, you can opt for any of these.

If you have to pack small size items, choose a small bubble size. For bigger size items, prefer larger bubbles and bigger roll sizes.

A larger bubble size is also used to fill the void so that during shipping your products remain safe. It’s ideal for irregular shaped items. For high performance protection, use an extra large bubble size. This one is recommended for heavy and fragile items.

Large bubble wrap material is also available in the form of bubble blankets, where the size of the bubbles is bigger. They are great for protecting bigger items such as furniture or for void filling between products for extra protection.

Large products will require rolls that are broader than the item to give more protection whilst using fewer wraps.

Smaller wraps are more flexible and can be wrapped around every contour of the product to be packed. It can save delicate items from scratches due to bumps in transit.

Small size offers greater protection and close packaging of items. This ensures that they will remain safe during shipping. Not just small items like jewellery pieces but bigger products such as paintings, electronic items too can be wrapped using small sized bubble material.

Selecting the perfect size of rolls of bubble wrap is crucial as it should be a perfect fit for the dimensions of the items that you will be packing in it.

More Packaging Materials

Apart from the bubble material, there are many other types of protective packaging supplies available online i.e, corrugated bubble, green wrap, kraft paper etc. If we talk about similar products, then bubble envelopes and bubble bags are there in the market.

These options are really helpful for business owners, especially for those who have e-commerce websites. As they are light weight, so they do not add to the costing. They also ensure that the products inside them remain scratch or dent free and safe during shipping or storage.

Hope it has been an interesting read and after reading it now you can order bubble wrap rolls according to your industry needs.

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