Mistakes While Choosing Windows

Aluminum window constructions have become part of the everyday life of modern people because buying such a window is not a problem now. The market offers a wide range of products from various manufacturing companies that differ in the type of profile, glass thickness, color, and other characteristics.

That’s why the correct choice of window is a fundamental factor that determines the comfort and the creation of an optimal microclimate in the apartment. However, many consumers make mistakes that can lead to unsatisfactory results, the fragility of the entire structure, and additional financial costs. In this article, we have gathered five common mistakes while choosing windows you should avoid

1. Cheap windows

Many consumers choose windows, relying on the advice of acquaintances, friends, or relatives,  who claim that you can buy high-quality windows at a low price. You should understand that the cost of the window profile depends on the parameters that should also be taken into account. The most common parameters are:

  • The price of material and all component parts
  • Premises rent
  • The cost of equipment used to assemble the structure
  • Salary for employees

Companies that offer extremely cheap windows have probably saved on one (or more) of these parameters. The use of cheap non-original components, a profile with thin walls with reduced or no reinforcement, thinner glasses of an unknown brand, and the involvement of insufficiently qualified specialists

All these factors reduce the quality of the window structure. It requires more frequent maintenance and investment of additional funds for repair work. After a short period of time, the functional properties of the window decrease, the work of the fittings becomes difficult, and the windows have to be changed.

2. Selecting a window by profile brand

The choice based only on the famous name of the profile manufacturer is a mistake. You should understand that a window is a complex structure consisting of a large number of interconnected components. The quality, functionality, and performance of the window depend on all components together. 

Many manufacturers are trying to reduce the cost of the window system, increase their own profits, and focus only on the brand. They often “forget” to mention that the window will be equipped with cheap double-glazed windows and low-quality fittings. 

After installation, the consumer can face problems such as condensation, poor ventilation, and/or holes. That’s why you should pay attention to the quality of all components of the structure when choosing the best windows.

3. Installation of windows

Many manufacturing companies add the cost of window structures and work on their installation. However, many consumers that are striving to save money, refuse this service and try to install windows on their own. But this initial saving turns into additional costs since only highly qualified specialists will be able to correctly perform the window installation due to all regulatory requirements.

It is important to avoid mistakes that can spoil the system (heat and sound insulation parameters or safety). As a result, repair work may require additional costs or even a complete replacement of structures with new windows.

4. Neglecting energy efficiency

When choosing windows, consider the manufacturer’s recommendations for the installation of energy-saving structures and quality double glazed windows. Even though their cost is slightly higher than usual, you will notice the effectiveness of these structures with the onset of the cold season. As a result, your family can save on heating costs significantly.

5. Installing windows without finishing the external side

When ordering the installation of window structures, most consumers are primarily concerned with the state of the interior. But the outer side of the window structure can be neglected and this can negatively affect the general condition of the window and its properties.

That’s why wind, rain, snow, or bright sunlight can make the polyurethane foam unusable. The seam begins to let moisture, air, and noise pass through. Additionally, condensation can also occur on the windows. Timely insulation and finishing the external side can provide reliable protection of the assembly seam.

The bottom line

Even correctly selected and installed windows can fail quickly if you will not take proper care of them. It is important to prevent wear of the seal, clean the fittings from, avoid mechanical stress, and switch to summer/winter use. Only then your windows will keep your home warm and dry for years.