Custom Canvas Prints

Our homes feel most welcoming when they are most personalized, and when they reflect our values and the things and people we love. That’s one reason that getting your custom canvas prints to put around the house can be far more meaningful than buying ready-made art.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices surging.

1. Make the kitchen more appetizing

The kitchen often gets neglected when it comes to artwork. We tend to put decorative items and knickknacks in the kitchen but less frequently think about decorating the walls. Putting custom canvas prints on the wall can be that final touch that turns a pretty kitchen into a perfect one.

As you might imagine, prints of food items such as fruits and vegetables make a good addition to the kitchen. If you have a photo of a great vacation where you enjoyed fine food, putting it on a kitchen print can be a way to inspire your own cooking. You might also include some favorite quotes about cooking.

2. Brighten up the bathroom

The bathroom is another area of the house where artwork tends to be neglected. The bathroom often tends to be a slightly drab space and is one of the smallest rooms in most homes. You can use brightly colored canvas prints to make the space seem brighter and larger.

Abstract art and blocks of color always work well in the bathroom. If you enjoy a relaxing bath in the tub, consider putting up a few pictures of your favorite landscapes and getaway locations.

3. Get to work on your office

Your home office should be a place where you can get work done and feel inspired and creative. Putting the right prints on the wall can help you tap into your natural creativity. You might put up prints of your own awards and honors.

You might also consider putting up something related to your area of work. If you are an architect, make some prints out of blueprints. Also, if you’re a photographer, display some of your finest work. If crafting is your business, put up something that helps you remember why you do what you do.

4. Make the kids’ rooms their own

Your children will be thrilled with the opportunity to choose their own photos and designs for their walls. They might want pictures of themselves when they were small, family photos, or even re-creations of their own artwork on canvas print.

You can also make prints with their favorite cartoon characters, superheroes, or action film posters. Perhaps they would rather have a theme, like modern dance or military design. By making your own custom prints, you can let them design their space however they like.

5. Use art to make it larger

Most of us have a small room or nook in the house that doesn’t see much use. It might end up being a dumping ground for stuff we haven’t found a place for yet; other times, it’s just a dark corner. If you want to reclaim a space that doesn’t have much in the way of windows or a view, you can use artwork.

Make up prints of soaring, bright landscapes. Choose pictures of sunny green spaces or bright blue oceans. To really brighten up the space, put a mirror opposite the photo and the area lighting. This will make the space seem larger, broaden a print’s horizon, and make the light feel brighter.

6. Say hello to visitors

If you have the right climate for it, you can make a statement about you and your home right at the front door. This might be a saying that sums up your family values or a picture that says something about what you treasure.

How you can decorate when you’re making your own prints has no limits. You can truly make your home your own unique space.

By Punit