If you are one of those people who cannot really open their eyes in the morning without the cup of their favorite Java, then consider what you would do when traveling. If your job involves lots of traveling or frequently moving out on family trips, you need to arrange for the portable coffee gears. This write-up shall focus on the best ways to prepare coffee while traveling.

Make Coffee While Travelling

Frequent travelers constantly face the dilemma of whether to prepare the coffee using their espresso or simply visit the nearest Starbucks. However, if you want to enjoy the same uniform and unique taste you are used to, it would be better to follow the routine in the coming sections.

We already mentioned that you would need various portable coffee gears. However, you also need to learn how to use them so that you can enjoy coffee anywhere, anytime. 

It is not as difficult as one would comprehend. You would only need to follow certain basic things so that you get into the ritual whenever traveling. 

Best Way to Make Coffee While Traveling is By Arranging For a Travel Kit

Here is a list of lightweight and portable travel kits you need to arrange to make coffee while traveling. 

1. AeroPress

This is one of the most important portable coffee gears you need to arrange. You can use AeroPress as a prime source to brew coffee while traveling. It is small in size and can be used daily. 

AeroPress helps you make clean and aromatic coffee anywhere. It is a durable apparatus that is easy to clean, and you can carry it along easily in the travel bag.

Some unique AeroPress also comes with a compact container that you can use as a cup. Making coffee using AeroPress is super easy and quick. 

2. Grinder

When traveling, you need to realize that grinding coffee remotely could be an issue. You can procure a portable coffee grinder that is easy to clean to make your life easier. 

It would save you from going to the coffee shop and asking them to grind the coffee for you. 

There are numerous kinds of coffee grinders available. However, you should focus on purchasing the one that is easy to carry around and grinds the coffee without any hassle. Check on this page www.brewedcoffeeguide.com/quiet-coffee-grinders.

3. Heater

Unless you plan to drink your coffee cold, better arrange for a good but compact water heater. Buying an immersion heater could be best for travel comfort. If you plan to travel for long, it is advisable to opt for a portable water heater. You need to be able to carry it around without any discomfort. 

Make sure that you learn to operate it safely. Compact water heaters are known to turn liquids hot within seconds so it can be dangerous sometimes. 

4. Coffee Mugs

You made the coffee, but where would you pour it? You need a coffee mug, right? Arrange for a coffee mug in advance and ensure that it is non-breakable. 

5. Thermos

Those who actually want coffee on the go should invest in portable and good-quality thermos. The inside walls are built in such a way that it keeps your coffee warmer for longer. You need to make coffee only once and store the rest in the thermos. Enjoy warm and hot coffee whenever you want by pouring it into the cup. 

Tips to Make Coffee In Best Way While Traveling

  • You must experiment with all the portable coffee gears before you actually use them while traveling
  • The products are new, and you might need some time to get used to each. 
  • Experiment with making coffee with various brews since you won’t enjoy a similar environment everywhere you go while traveling. 
  • Make it a habit to clean your coffee maker and other apparatus when they are empty.
  • Look for other equipment that you might find handy during travel for coffee makings, such as a thermometer or a scale. 

Making Coffee While Traveling Using French Press

The second best method to make coffee while traveling is using a French Press. It has only two compartments, and you can carry it around easily. 

You need to heat the water and then pour it over the coffee grounds. If you don’t have a heater, you can use your French Press to make cold coffee! 

Making Coffee While Traveling Using Espresso 

If you are an espresso coffee lover, using a portable espresso machine would work well. It is an easy-to-use machine that allows you to enjoy your favorite coffee blend while traveling. All you need is your coffee grounds, water, heat, and you are set to enjoy your preferred blend of coffee.

Final Words

Enjoying your favorite and personal coffee blend is a dream for anyone who travels frequently. Use this quick guide to help you make the best coffee with the help of portable coffee gears. 

By Punit