LED Video Wall Displays

When planning an event, you need a display to showcase information or to entertain your guests. You have an option to choose between traditional projectors and LED video wall displays. Video walls make modern impressive displays with multiple LED screens working together as a single screen. These are growing popular as people appreciate the power of visual displays and their effect on the audience. Read on to discover the benefits of using video wall displays over projectors on your event, 

1. Image quality

To create large displays in a big open lobby or foyer, a video wall display is the best choice. LED video walls support HD and 4K resolution. Video walls have multiple displays that work together to make a single display. This allows scaling up or down while maintaining image quality. LED video walls come with brighter colors and exceptional contrast to enhance image quality. 

2. Exceptional versatility 

You need unimpeded space to use a front projection system. This means that the area should be free from anything like low hanging light fixtures that might obstruct or interfere with the projected images. For rear projection, installation requires appropriate feet of structural space. This might require retrofitting and carving out space in the wall to accommodate the projection system. 

When considering video equipment rental, video walls are a great choice. These are configured in all spaces including tiny and oddly shapes areas. And, you can have the video wall arranged in various shapes including a pyramid or cube. Unlike projected images, video wall images are not affected by ambient light. This allows using these walls outdoors in the presence of natural light while the image remains crisp and clear. 

3. Ease of installation and maintenance

Video walls are thin and lightweight for easy movement and re-assembling. These are easier and less disruptive to maintain. Additionally, you can still use the video wall normally while making repairs for any burned-out pixel or light. This limits downtime that might affect business operations and damage your reputation. The whole projection system goes down in case of any problem leading to time-consuming and expensive repairs. 

4. Space-saving 

Another significant benefit of using LED video walls is the space-saving feature. The video walls don’t need a throwing distance to produce images since it comes from the screen. This saves a significant amount of space, unlike a projection system that requires a particular distance for optimum image quality. With this, you can rent a video wall for use at any event venue regardless of the size and nature of space available.  

5. Superior performance 

Video walls have better resolution compared to projection systems. The video walls are modular allowing stacking together to enhance the resolution. You can’t get these when you use a projector. The technology for video walls allows displaying smoother content. A video wall controller gives a higher frame rate. 

Additionally, the high-res LED display leads to consistent, clear, and crisp images and video rendering. Alternatively, projection systems are not this crisp and prone to slight blurs on sharper edges including around each letter in words of projected lyrics or notes. With a video wall, expect to get all-around superior video quality. 

6. Outdoor use in daylight 

In comparison to projection systems, video walls are much brighter making them easily visible in daylight. These don’t compete with other sources of light for a better output. Projectors easily lose about 20 to 30 percent brightness over time. 

To make the most of a projection system requires dimmer light or darkness of night for optimal brightness. And, the projector needs placement close to the screen which might be limited by technical issues. Using LED video walls has no limitations making them ideal outdoors without any compromise in health. 

7. Easier to configure

Projection systems are a bit tricky to configure for non-experts especially the older models. Keep in mind that projectors for 3D models have calibration requiring technical expertise. Fortunately, LED video walls are designed for operation by everyone regardless of technical skills. When you rent LED screens, your staff can also update the content for display seamlessly. The rental agency will supply technical personnel to ensure your event goes on without a glitch. 

8, Cost-effectiveness

Finally, after realizing all the above reasons to hire LED video walls on your event, the most significant benefit is the cost-effectiveness. Despite a video wall including multiple screens, these have low energy consumption for relying on light-emitting diode (LED) technology. The video walls consume half the energy of a projection system. This eliminates worry about a hefty energy bill after your event. 

Bottom line

Creating an exceptional experience for attendees on your event requires including displays at the venue. The display showcases the sponsor’s messages, important announcements, and allow communicating to the audience. When selecting displays, the options include LED video walls and projection systems. Fortunately, opting for video walls is a better choice for their cost-effectiveness, easy configuration, space-saving, and exceptional versatility.

By kamlesh