Digital Outdoor Advertising

These days, everybody knows how important Digital Outdoor Advertising is in attracting your audience.

It is a valuable way to advertise your business and showcase your products.

Businesses display their advertisements on digital displays to attract more customers. It looks extremely attractive and creative.

  • DOA (Digital Outdoor Advertising) is impressed by the customers through the high-resolution display screens which can be used indoor and outdoor for advertising and it is very reasonable. 
  • DOA is very fascinating and helps to attract a lot of customers. They grow your business name and help to create an image in the market.  
  • Such effectively displayed content on digital outdoor will be highly eye-catching and draws your attention with the bright and dynamic display properties.
  • You can use the remote controls to alter and change the content of outdoor advertising as per the requirement. 
  • The digital display has customizable features and so you can create the display as per your choice.
  • Digital outdoor advertising is known to increase sales by creating greater impact due to higher recall rates.

Understand Your Environment

The next step in planning a DOA

  • Video wall location (Indoor or Outdoor)
  • How much ambient light will there be?
  • How will you access the digital display for maintenance?
  • The physical dimensions of your space for a video wall.
  • The size of the displays.

How Digital Outdoor Advertising Work For Your Business :

Understanding the space

Before implementing DOA (Digital Outdoor Advertising), it’s important to understand the area that it will occupy on the digital display.

Space should match the proper size, resolution, brightness, and pixel pitch, and power requirements of the digital display you are implementing.

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Display Features

It is important to create a consolidated display, not many individual screens that appear pieced together.

The ability of your LED/LCD digital display hardware and the software will dictate how content appears on the screen.

Design any content which creates a consolidated display. It will have a huge and major impact on the quality of your displayed content.

Interactivity is Important

With an interactive DOA, you can attract more and more.

You can add interactivity to a LED/LCD digital display, either by using a touch display or via an application on a mobile device that enhances and betters the content. 

Choose the growth based on the type of content that will be displayed on the digital video wall – Whether it’s a virtual product show, social media update, audio-visual upgrades, or static images or video.

Always Plan For The Future

Where will you be in four years? In five? Digital display can be a substantial investment, so what happens with your LED/LCD digital display solution when there is a need to expand its size and shapes, or perhaps upgrade it to contain the latest content resolution or format?

Avoid Certain effects

On large DOA, certain graphics effects lead to distorted video, confusing text error, and a failed message.

You will need to maintain a strategic distance from shades or gleaming impacts on text, which will seem twisted on full-size displays.

Also, be sure to avoid certain color mixtures and combinations, which can make the text much difficult to read.

Industry best practices recommend the following colour combinations to achieve the best contrast ratio: black on white, yellow on black, white on blue, yellow on blue, green on white, and blue on yellow

There are three broad digital technologies you can adopt, which are:

Rear Projection Digital display:

These are video cubes that stack to make DOA.

This digital display technology is largely seamless, without large bezels or borders between the particular tiled screens that make up the video wall. It is also not uncommon for these display screens to last for 12 years or more!

Among the drawbacks of this digital display, technology is its physical depth and being two feet or deeper. These digital displays are large and bulky, compared to other video wall technologies.

This interprets into higher installation amounts and more physical area needed to install the digital video wall. These models are also too expensive and are mainly selected for venues with specific needs and large budgets.

Digital LED Video display:

There are now fine-pitch, high-resolution digital LED video displays that are being used for indoor environments. These are different from LCD with LED backlight screens.

The benefits of LED video displays are that they deliver seamless video walls — one large image without the display of seams or bezels.

Brightness and colour performance factors are also very good and better, as is the viewing angle. All total, LED digital displays to offer good lifetime performance also.

Digital LCD Video display:

These digital outdoor advertising can be seen in almost every type of application today.

With bezel sizes continuing to reduce the adoption of this technology continues to enhance, moving into applications that previously have been limited to Rear Projection or LED digital display technology.

The lifelong of an LCD-based video wall screen system is in the five to seven-year expectation range and enough for most installations.


The seemingly large number of brands and choices can seem confusing when looking for a Digital Outdoor Advertising solution.

However, as with any refined technology, look at the market and engineering leaders and use those as your benchmark. Here’s to a seamless DOA experience!

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