Are you searching how can you import MBOX files into Gmail? But unable to get a solution that can fulfill your needs. This article covers the same topic and gives you the best solution to your problem.

MBOX is a file format supported by various email clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, etc. If you create a backup of your emails in these email providers, they will get saved in MBOX file format.

Gmail also supports the MBOX file format. So, you can open the saved MBOX emails via Gmail. But first, you need to import MBOX emails to Gmail account. There are several ways to perform the migration. But you must identify when you need to migrate the files.

Import MBOX Files into Gmail

When do you need to Import MBOX files into Gmail?

How can you import MBOX files into PST, Gmail and various other format? Before learning it, you should know why you need to import the files. Now, you may have your reason for migration. But some common causes lead you to upload the MBOX file to your Gmail account.

  • You are using an email provider that supports MBOX files. It is unable to meet your requirements. In this case, you want to shift to Gmail, as it is one of the most popular email clients. But, you can not leave your previous mailbox data. So, here you will need to import MBOX emails to Gmail.
  • Your mailbox contains too many emails that take too much storage space. Now, you want to free up the server space by deleting them. But, the emails are valuable to you. So, you downloaded them to your system’s drive and deleted all the emails. Later, if you want to access the emails, you need to upload the MBOX files to your Gmail.
  • If you have an MBOX file in your system and want to read the file, you need any software to open the MBOX file. The best solution to open the MBOX file is to import it to Gmail. This way, you not only read it. But also you can access the file as per your requirement.

How Can You Import MBOX Files into Gmail Manually

You can convert MBOX file into Gmail account using the Thunderbird email client. For doing this, you need to add the Import Export Tools NG extension. It will help you to migrate the MBOX file to your Gmail account.

After adding the extension, you can import the MBOX files to the Gmail account by following the steps below:

  • Open your Gmail account in the Thunderbird email client.
  • Tap on the Tools option in the menu bar.
  • Select the ImportExportTools NG option from the list.
  • After that, click on the Import MBOX file and a new wizard will get opened.
  • Then check the Import directly one or more MBOX files option and click on the OK button.
  • Choose the location on your system where you saved the MBOX files.
  • Click on the Open button and the MBOX file will get imported to your Gmail account.

The above method is a Manual solution for the query how can you import MBOX files into Gmail. It does not require any other software to complete the procedure. However, it is not an easy way for new users or non-technical users. Therefore, the most suitable option for them is an automatic method. This way, you can convert MBOX file into Gmail using Third-Party Software. MBOX Converter is an ideal solution in this case. It can upload the MBOX files in your system to your Gmail account directly. The expert solution even offers a free demo version and many other prominent features, So if you want to explore about the solution go with the software.


If you want to Import the MBOX file into Gmail because of any reason, you have two ways. You can either choose the manual method or an automatic method. Through the manual way you can import MBOX files without using an additional tool. However, it is not suitable for new or non-technical users. So, the most recommended solution for how can you import MBOX files into Gmail is using Third-Party Software. Sysinfo MBOX Converter is a full-featured and easy-to-use MBOX to Gmail converter tool.

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