If this is your first time hiring skip bins and still confused about how to use them, you are coming to the right article because we are going to provide you with a step-by-step and easy-to-understand guide on how to use a skip bin properly at home so you won’t embarrass yourself whenever the neighbours looking at the condition of your house.

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How to Use a Skip Bin

1. Determine the waste type

Several types of waste can be found in a single house from green waste, kitchen waste, food waste, renovation waste and so on. A skip bin has its specific use based on the type of waste but for use in the residential area, the skip bin provider usually offering the general purpose of skip bin which can accommodate the type of waste that usually found at home.

2. Always choose the right size of a skip bin

You don’t need a 10m3 skip bin size to manage the kitchen waste, right? That’s why understanding the many sizes of a skip bin will give you a better view of which skip bin size is the right one for your household waste. For residential complex, usually, the size is ranging from 2m3 – 4m3 which commonly known as mini skip bins, for example, a 2m3 is enough to manage all of the food waste that has been generated in 7 days.

3. The correct skip bin placement

Is it placed in the front yard or backyard? This question often asked whenever the skip bin arrives at your home. There’s no absolute correct placement but it all depends on the easiness of access to the bin. For example, some homeowners placed the skip bin hire in the backyard because it closer to their backdoor where the kitchen is located and for some others placed the bin in the front yard because makes it easier to manage the garden waste. However, never place the bins on the garage driveway or on the public road in front of the house which could hinder the car to park and could violate the city regulation.

4. Skip bins don’t have a weight limit

If you are worried that your accumulated waste will reach the weight limit of a skip bin, rest assured because every skip bin provider giving an unlimited weight limit for its skip bin. However, you need to make sure that the waste is not overfilling the skip bin because this is one of the government’s rules and regulations about waste management in a skip bin. The rim on a skip bin is the height limit of the waste inside the skip bin, therefore, if you have tree branches or old furniture that higher than the rim, break it down first.

5. Organize properly to safe space

This is a simple trick to use a skip bin in a cost-efficient way. Remember the Tetris game from our childhood? Let’s organize the waste inside the skip bin using the same principle so instead of just throwing all of them randomly, stack them neatly and organized so you will have more spaces to fill. 

6. Skip bins hiring duration

Usually, a skip bin provider has a minimum hiring duration of 7 days but some other companies don’t limit the hiring duration which you can even rent a skip bin for 1 day only. The detailed info needs to be enquired to the provider directly as each company has different regulation.

7. Sit back and relax

Yes, once the hiring duration ended and the skip bin that you hired has been filled with the household waste, you just need to sit back and wait for the crew to pick up the bins. They are professional and will be on-time during the delivery and pick-up. Every skip bin hire company prioritized a zero-waste policy which means all of the waste will be sorted out based on recyclable and non-recyclable categories then delivered to the local recycling centre or the landfills.


Now you know what to do once you have hired a skip bin. If you live in Australia, hiring a skip bin is necessary to help you manage all of the daily waste because it can help reduce the carbon footprints for a better environment. Thank you for reading and feel free to share this article.