How Can Artists Make Money?

How Artists Make Money
How Artists Make Money

It is not easy at all to keep following your passion and expects nothing out of it. The world emphasises so much on following the dream because everyone knows it’s not an easy road.

Not everybody can be courageous enough to keep their dreams alive even in the darkest of days and loudest of nights.

Like if you are an artist and you are not from a renowned family background, you understand how tough it is going to be. I am not trying to scare you, but there is not much left to start after you complete your professional degree from an art school.

So, how do artists make money? Some of you may say “the real talent cannot be hidden”. True, but, not everyone hits the success bell.

Or you can say that artists can sell paintings online. Well ok, but is it enough?

The point I want to tell you artists is that there are ways using which you can earn money and still keep following your passion to paint, draw or sketch.

All you need to do is be smart, active, and social (the most important).

In this article, I am going to give you a walkthrough the tips that will help you (as an artist) to make money for yourself. Let’s take a look:


Nothing in the world becomes successful without making connections. Same goes for the world of art.

The perks of being a social butterfly are extremely rewarding in the art sector. For all the artists who have just started their journey, remember, making relationships (professional) with the writers, buyers and other artists is the only key that helps you stay longer in the race.

You can’t just sit with a masterpiece made by yourself in your studio and think the world will come to you congratulating and applauding your artistry.

You got to go out and make some meaningful connection so that during the rough times you are not completely broke.

Keep your finance in control

An artist is supposed to be lost in his/her creativity and nothing else. He/she is not meant to think business and money, but colours and the compositions.

This is the bitter truth of the art world that no one wants to get along with. Even if you are an artist or an art student, you need to get your finances straight.

Plan out your budget. For an instance, if you want to sell paintings online, consider the cost associated with the shipping, packaging, insurance and allied.

As an artist, you should always keep an eye on the finance as it is going to provide you a solid support in the future.

Take internships

The worst thing you can do with your art career is to wait until the time you graduate from an art school.

The best of the artists make sure to utilise their time by undertaking various internships.

Taking multiple internships during your graduation would offer a head start ahead of the fellow artists.

Best are the unpaid internships. Yes, when you do not get paid, you actually want to learn something.

Do not get distracted

As said, the road to attaining your passion is not all flashy and smooth. You will face hurdles, you will be knocked down. The paramount thing is that you keep on doing what you love.

Quite a few artists in order to fill their pockets generally join the part time jobs. This is not wrong, but it does dilute your interest and commitment towards the art.

I am suggesting that you should be full time committed to what you are doing; painting. This will be tough at first, but with the right planning, everything is going to fall into place eventually.

Plus, you will be attached to art, so it’s a win-win situation.

Treat your gallery as a business

What most of the artists miss is that opening an art gallery can be a fruitful deal.

Because when you open an art gallery, you own the authority to run your business as per your convenience and you are selling other’s work.

This means you will also become influential.

Teach if you love teaching

The fresh graduates from art school are mostly attracted towards this profession. But, teaching art does not go well if your heart is not into it.

A non-passionate teacher of art is not a good influence; neither for the kids or for the teacher himself/herself.

So, do what you love. Just follow the above-mentioned tips and you will be making money without you leaving your passion to paint.