Shari Dahmer

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The words ‘serial killer’ thrills us right? Well, there are many serial killers who have tormented the world and the population of the world somehow or the other. One of them is Jeffrey Dahmer. He has ruined his family’s name by killing and murdering around 17 men as well as boys between 1978 and 1991. He was in constant news after getting caught and so were his family members. 

So in this article, we would be talking and reading about Jeffrey Dahmer’s stepmother named Shari Dahmer, her life, relationship, and much more. 


Shari Johri was a regular and common woman in America. She was born in 1953 on May 8 in the United States of America in Columbus, Ohio. Her father’s name was Howard M. and her mother’s name was Olive Jean Miller Jordan.

Although we don’t know much about her life as very little information is out but she is known because she is the stepmother of one of the most controversial and intriguing serial killers named Jeffrey Dahmer. 

Shari’s Relationship With The Dahmer Family

Shari married to Lionel Dahmer, father of Jeffrey Dahmer in 1978. Lionel got divorced from Joyce, Jeffrey’s mother and soon enough he got married to Shari. Shari spent a lot of time with the Dahmer family, with Jeffrey and his brother David. 

When Did She Meet Jeffrey Dahmer?

Shari in the documentary, Dahmer and Dahmer {2017} appeared and told the audience how she met Jeffrey Dahmer and how that made her feel. 

She first met Jeffrey in Columbus where Jeffrey was staying. He used to live by himself as her mother Joyce left him. Shari immediately connected with him and said that he seemed “weak” and in need of a mother. She said after looking at him I immediately wanted to give him all the love and “mother” him. Shari confirmed that even though Jeffrey was ashamed of the divorce he still was ‘skilled at masking his thoughts”. She just wanted to give him motherly love. 

In the documentary, she says that he was alone after her mother left and wanted to stay behind and that was the time the “first murder happened”. She also confirmed that Jeffrey had a drinking problem as she found him passed out in a drunken stupor. Apart from this, she asserted that he possessed no other unhealthy habits. His house has always been “spotless” and “absolutely clean”. 

Although, when she met Jeffrey he was just 18 years old and quite vulnerable according to her.

Exclusive Interview

In 2004, there was an exclusive interview about Jeffrey and his deeds with Larry King. Unlike many parents who do not want to talk about their child who has done anything wrong, Shari said she wanted to help others by talking about it. According to her, this might be able to help others. She openly speaks that because of the divorce, Jeffrey was very lonely and quite ashamed and embarrassed. In the show, she mentioned all the experiences she saw and challenges she faced while raising Jeffrey Dahmer; the killer. 

She herself said that she was in the interview because “it would be a blessing if we are able to stop other Jeff. It is not that easy and neither anyone allows us to forget it.” She added, “We must definitely look into what and why he has done it, so if we finally realize more about Jeff, then we might help prevent the budding monsters in others.” 

Shari has also said that she has no issue with using her last name Dahmer. She and her husband Lionel both are using the same last name because according to them “we did not do anything wrong either”. Shari says “I have no reason to deny my identity”. She further adds that “I am still proud of my name and I still use it in the business world”. 

Another Series On Jeffrey Dahmer

There is another series by Netflix called Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Jeffrey has targeted ‘gay men of color’ and saved the body pieces as souvenirs after having sex with them (as per the biography). In this series, the actress named Molly Ringwald played Shari’s role. Though not much involvement of Shari is there in the series but plays an important role in understanding the psyche of Jeffrey. 

Where And What Shari Dahmer Is And Doing?

Shari Dahmer is 81 years old now. She is still living in the United States in Ohio. Most of her life along with her husband was revolving around Jeffrey and his trial. 

She and her husband chose to live a life away and secluded from all that as Jeffrey’s deeds got international recognition. They have a very quiet life now and avoid any kind of hustle in their 80s. 

About Dahmer- Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

It is a series based on real-life serial killers and focuses on the horrific crimes done by Jeffrey Dahmer. In this series, Jeffrey’s psyche, his childhood, his actions, and his behavior is there. It gives a better understanding of the killer’s thinking process. Also, it tells us about the brutality of the murderer and the victims’ stories. 

I hope you all got what you were looking for. Do tell us your views about this series and about serial killers.