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After losing loved ones, catering a funeral reception at home is the least good thing you could do for them. Catered funeral reception is a tradition where family and friends can spend time together, share memories together so that grief would be divided between everyone.

Why Home Caterers?

Home caterers are underrated, but no one appreciates their service. But very few understand their importance and the kind of service they provide. Below are the hidden benefits of home caterers.

  • Flexibility: Most of all the home caterers work in their own time; they select and reject the events according to their convenience. So when you ask them to perform a catering service, they will show up at a given time without creating unnecessary excuses.
  • The element of Surprise: You expect certain close people to show up at funeral reception whom you have invited. Though there is always going to be an element of surprise and you can’t predict the total number of guests.

To avoid the panic situation of receiving unexpected guests, home catering is the best option. Home caterers are well-organized, can cook for new guest’s real quick, and will stay calm throughout the situation.

Home Catering Ideas

Honestly speaking, no one ever judges the catering service at the funeral reception. Though it’s in your responsibility to pay tribute to your departed loved one with wonderful service and you want your guests to have memorable- delicious food.

Follow the below-given ideas to throw a funeral reception that people will talk about for years.

1. Make Room for Buffet

When you have home caterers to look after your food, then make sure you keep a comfortable place for everyone to enjoy that food. The Buffet system is more convenient; as it is the traditional method, guests can have sufficient space to move, and lastly, it is comparatively less expensive than the old traditional method. Some home caterers also look after buffet catering services.

2. Deceased Favorite

You can keep a simple menu or a large menu of your choice, but never forget to put at least two of the favorites of the deceased. These favorite items will make your guests think about the deceased, they will also please them even more, and the deceased’s soul will be at peace.

3. Keep it Traditional

Though you take help from caterers or arrange a buffet system, never feel shy to follow your tradition. You can keep following your traditional way of doing funeral reception- by keeping the deceased’s frame in the entrance and you can let devotional songs play in the corner.

4. Consideration of Guests

Your guest’s list will have everyone from a two-year toddler to an 82-year-old great-grandpa. Make sure you prepare a menu that suits everyone. Keep on light items that are easy to digest and keep taste to the medium base so that everyone can enjoy a meal.

How to Choose a Home Catering Service Provider?

Once you have learned the benefits of home caterers and you are pretty clear with innovative ideas on conducting home catering ideas for funerals, then the next step is to choose a prolific service provider. You can also find the Affordable funeral services online:

  • There are many providers offering home catering services. The simplest way to know about their portfolio is to contact their previous clients and know what clients say about them. But don’t be prejudiced and take all the feedback into consideration before choosing a service provider.
  • If you will run a search on a search engine about “Best catering services in India”, you will end up having a list of millions of service providers. The evaluation between them is sure a nail-biting task, but you can narrow them down with costing and certification.

Well, in developing countries like India you can find millions of home catering service providers among those half who will have enough resources. Also, you need to make sure the chosen home catering service provider offers good catering services with proper certification and at affordable prices. 

You can evaluate those who fall under your price range. Narrow down who has proper certification for the service they provide.


Thus, by following some simple tips and understanding the benefits of home caterers, you can have a memorable funeral reception for your guests.

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