Have you received a wedding invitation for an Indian wedding? Are you excited because it is new to you? You have read about popular wedding planners and how they skillfully weave Indian wedding packages to make it as festive and colorful without missing out on the age-old traditions. But the thing is you haven’t been to a real one. And now that you have received an invitation to an Indian wedding, you want to be at your best.

You have been looking forward to this grand event for you to know that Indian weddings are fun and one of a kind. Being a guest at a Cancun wedding may be a once in a lifetime event for you. You are looking forward to it, but admittedly you have misgivings on what to wear, what to give, or how to take part in the rituals. Read on. You will find useful tips that will cast those doubts away.

Attending Indian Weddings

1. Wear conservative attire

As one of the invited, you want to dress appropriately. Since this is an Indian ceremony, you are extra cautious. So you ask yourself, what is the proper dress to wear. During Indian weddings, guests must wear modest attire. As much as possible, stick to conservative clothing. Show less of your skin – no off shoulders, plunging necklines, mini skirts, or overly flimsy material. If you have a sari (traditional attire for Indian women), it is the best time to wear it.

Donning Indian outfits sends signals that you have prepared for this wedding and that you have high respect for Indian rituals. Still, it is all right if you do not have one as long as you dress conservatively. However, this does not mean you skip the accessories. Indian weddings are celebrations filled with bright colors, so if you have bracelets and trinkets that are bright and colorful, wear them. Do not just overdo it.

When it comes to colors, leave out the red dress. Reds are for Indian brides. If you do not want to steal the spotlight from the bride, wear other colors. Also, keep away from white and black attires. Indian customs suggest that these colors are for mourners.

2. Work around unconventional schedules

Ordinarily, Indian weddings happen during unconventional hours. It is because they often use astrology to decide which hour of the day or night is more providential. It may be as early as 2 am or very late at night, but for as long as it is favorable (as the stars would reveal it), then it is a perfect time. In this case, remember to inquire if the wedding will take place at the wee hours of the morning or far into the evening. That way, you could get power naps in between activities.

The unconventionality of Indian weddings does not end in odd timing. As mentioned, it will take three days to consummate weddings. The principal ceremony itself is a full stretch of three hours. So better prepare yourself for the long event. Get as much rest and sleep as you can so you will feel refreshed and energized to join those events where you are to participate.

3. Bring a cash gift

In any wedding, the act of choosing a gift and giving it to the couple on their wedding day is personal. For Indian weddings, tradition dictates that you give cash as a gift. Indians view cash gifts as the most treasured for a lot of newlyweds who are about to start a family of their own. Just remember to put your cash gift in a colorful envelope. Some guests buy inexpensive colorful pouches instead of plain envelopes. How much should you give?

Any amount that is reasonable for a young couple will be well appreciated. Your finances or budget will dictate how much you should give. If you are a close friend of the couple, you will know the right amount but take note that the amount should end in 1. It applies to all currencies. It is perfectly fine though to give them non-cash items like decors and jewelry.

4. Learn the rituals

Indian weddings are awash with unique rituals. On the night before the wedding, the bride and her women friends and family come together for Mehndi – it is a fun ceremony where the ladies have their hands and feet painted with Mehndi designs. Indians believe that the bride-to-be should have hers painted with a darker shade. Doing so will ensure that she will be loved by her groom forever, and that includes in-laws.

5. Be an early bird

Always be an early bird when it comes to booking for hotel rooms because Indian destination weddings are almost always well-attended. You do not wish to be at the far end of the line when looking for a hotel room. For some hotels, prices do increase when the demand is high. It is so true when looking for accommodation in hotels where the wedding is going to be. So, as soon as you get hold of an invitation, look for a convenient hotel room and book it right away. By doing so, you might get a package that is still reasonably priced. Additionally, you remain stress-free as the wedding day draws near.

Indian weddings are celebrations not to be side-lined. It may be a once in a lifetime spectacle of traditions, rituals, and vibrant event that you cannot afford to miss.

By Punit