8 Fun and Unusual Facts about Traveling Around the World

Nowadays, we consider travel as a way to take a break from the daily humdrum of life. We might be braving snarling traffic jams to reach our offices and spend eight-nine hours in front of a monitor or managing the daily operations. We come home to sleep and relax. We buy most of the day-to-day items, like groceries and clothing online. With increased global connectivity and internet speeds, the nature of work might change. Most of us can end up spending all the time in four-walled rooms. So, these situations will give a great fillip to the already flourishing tourism industry. But travel is not only a remedy to kill the boredom but can fill your life with fun and happiness. Let us see how:

1. You break the connectedness bubble:

We live in a world where we are always in contact with our near and dear ones. It has become challenging to disconnect in today’s digital world. We have people and services to help us out in case of emergencies. But while you travel to a far off location, you are more responsible towards yourself. You learn to adapt and adjust better. It makes you a real self-sufficient person. You tend to explore the unknown and are more prepared to face the uncertainties of life.

Traveling Around the World

2. Travel makes you smart and intelligent:

Now we have scientific evidence to claim that travel improves our problem solving and analytical skills. As you go to distant lands, you become more street smart and have better common sense. You learn to communicate without knowing the language and are more open to experiments. New sounds, tastes, smells, and places lead to the creation of more synapses between our neurons, and it, in turn, keeps our brain more active.

3. Travel leads to stability:

A trip together can foster great friendship. We get a chance to observe our partners and get to know their innate desires and fears. You work as a team and make decisions together. You enjoy and create memories together. It becomes a chance to show how well you care for each other. Career pursuits and daily stress might bring in differences and distance in a relationship. But a journey with your loved one helps you enhance trust levels. Thus, travel is the best way to improve intimacy and have stable relationships.

Traveling Around the World

4. More happiness than material wealth:

Year after year, E-commerce companies give massive discounts and compel us to buy those expensive shoes, apparel, and grooming kits. But once you get them, the attraction fades away. The same is not the case with travel experiences. Memories of different beautiful locations and the adventures that we had, get etched in our hearts permanently. As you can see photos and videos and have a walk down memory lane, you feel happier and relaxed. Moreover, the level of satisfaction is independent of the cost factor. You might go to exotic locations, pack your essentials and load the universal roof racks and explore local jungles with your friends, or go scuba-diving in a nearby beach. Each travel experience is unique and gives you great contentment.

5. The wanderlust gene:

Some people are born to travel and are hippie vagabonds.  On the other hand, we have people who hate jetlags, cannot even think of hiking an unexplored mountain, and are comfortable reading a book or binge-watching shows in a cozy corner of their rooms. Scientists have been telling us that the desire to travel is genetic and is due to the DRD4-7R gene. You might or might not have it naturally. Nevertheless, it should not be a cause of worry, as genes are always mutable, and culture and environment have a significant role to play in how they work.

6. Good for your health:

Traveling around the world makes our body more adaptable. We eat different kinds of food and get exposure to various climatic conditions. Our body comes in contact with newer types of germs and produces antibodies against them. Thus, travel is a great way to boost our immune system naturally. It makes us fit too. In our excitement to see the tourist spots and try out local sports and other fun activities, we workout our muscles more without the pain of hitting the gym. Moreover, some aspects of nature like hot springs, herbal plants, and fresh air have healing properties too.

7.   You cannot visit certain places:

Though the tourism industry is in its golden years, there are places in the world that are shut to travelers. A few examples are Lascaux Caves in France, the North Sentinel Island in India, the Surtsey Island in Iceland, the Tomb of Qin Shi Huang in China, Snake Island in Brazil, Doomsday Vault in Norway, etc.

Traveling Around the World

8. Travel boosts the Country’s economy

We can promote world peace through tourism. Today tourism is a global industry; it employs a large number of people and has turned the fortunes of many. As people travel to different parts of the world, they understand that humans have similar beliefs, and our core values are the same irrespective of the location. People tend to understand different cultural practices and have mutual respect for each other. As tourism can boost the economy, the host countries want their places to be tourist-friendly and violence-free.   

Thus, traveling can have many pluses for us individually and can be good for the peace and welfare of the world.