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Top 10 Mobile Advertising Tools For Growing Your Business

Tools For Growing Your Business

The entire smartphone industry has grown substantially in the past few years. And this growth has led to the rise of a whole new marketing avenue- mobile advertising and marketing.

However, it’s not, yet it is one of the most overlooked marketing methods. People are spending 25% of their time on mobile; businesses are just investing 12% of their budget on mobile advertising.

Businesses have a wide range of possibilities for leveraging mobile advertising strategies in order to grow their business, such as integrating SMS broadcast services among others. But, for reaping the benefits of this field, firstly, you should have an idea of – How To Make An App? It will help you in the long run.

Top 10 Mobile Advertising Tools

Tools For Growing Your Business

1. Tune

The tune allows marketers and advertisers to keep track of their mobile ad campaigns across various publishers and networks.

One of the significant features of Tune is “Mobile Marketing Console,” which lets advertisers measure the engagement and track data at every step of customers’ journey.

It also includes features like-:

In-app Marketing: If you want to make your customers come back or drive specific metrics for your app, this feature of Tune is for you. In-app marketing allows you to segment your audience, run A/B tests, send in-app messages, and many more.

Attribution Analytics: With the help of this feature, you get an accurate insight of clicks, impressions, installs. In this way, you can measure the exact ROI of various channels.

Business Intelligence: Tune comes with various data visualization tools that make it easier for anyone to check and interpret complex data sets.

2. Kiip

Kiip helps brands to take advantage of specific moments of joy in the UX of a variety of mobile apps and show their ad at that moment.

Now because the ad is being shown at the moment when the customer is delighted, it allows the brand to build a position relationship with the brand. And the better the relationship is, the more are the chances of customers getting back to the brand.

3. Tatango

Tatango allows brands to launch mobile SMS marketing campaigns for their clients and provides everything that a brand needs to run a successful campaign.

Here are some of the features of Tatango-:

Strategy: Tatango provides you with mobile messaging experts who can help you with structuring your mobile messaging campaign.

Software: It provides a user-friendly software application that you can use to deploy your messaging campaign.

Short-Code Provisioning: It provides businesses with short-form phone numbers that can be used to send mass messages.

4. Facebook Mobile Ads

It’s a fact that 60% of the users use Facebook on mobile devices and to effectively run your ad campaign on Facebook, this stat shouldn’t be ignored.

Now that you know how important is targeting mobile users for running campaigns on Facebook, what else can be better than Facebook’s own mobile advertising app.

Here are the types of Facebook mobile ads-:

  • Sponsored Page Ads
  • Promoted Posts
  • Mobile App Install Ads

So, one the basis of your objective, you can choose the desired ad type and run your campaign for Facebook mobile ads.

5. Adjust

It is an analytics tool that allows businesses to calculate as well as understand the ROI of their various ad campaigns.

They offer several features like behavioral segmentation, mobile attribution, and finding patterns in app store reviews. This data allows you to understand the user behavior at every step and then modify the approach accordingly.

6. AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer is similar to Tune; it helps advertisers to get a more comprehensive sneak peek into the performance of their mobile ads.

But, for that purpose, you should know – How Much Does It Cost To Make An App?

Here are the features of AppsFlyer-:

Measure User Retention: The tool allows you to run a cohort analysis on various user groups that comes through different marketing channels.

Real-time Data: It provides you with a list of real-time data for your business like clicks, installs, conversion rates, etc.

Retargeting Attribution: With retargeting attribution, you get a sense of which retargeting strategy gives the best ROI.

7. AdRoll

Built-in 2007, AdRoll’s mission is to help businesses and brands compete online and increase revenue. The primary features of AdRoll revolve around video advertisements, social media, email, and display ads.

In short, AdRoll puts your brand in front of potential customers through media outlets, popular social media sites, etc. Moreover, it also provides you with data regarding the behavior of your targeted audience.

8. Yelp

Yelp is the ideal choice for businesses, looking for customers on a local level. It is perfect for local businesses because it is a commonly used platform by people to search on a local level, and if you advertise there, you get a chance to increase your visibility.

Now if you have a local business and want to run mobile ad campaigns, you can run targeted location-specific ads on Yelp to get a premium ad spot on the Yelp search result page.

9. Adagogo

Adagogo us ideal for business with a shoestring budget for mobile ad campaigns. It allows you to deploy ads across several sports and news apps at a reasonable price.

You can either opt to display your ad within a specific region or only show it on smartphone users within a certain radius of an ideal location.

10. Localytics

It is a mobile analytics company that allows brands to track the engagement rate on their mobile apps. They follow all the related data to help businesses boost their engagement rates on mobile ads.

Here’s what you can do with Localytics-:

  • Track sessions and events.
  • Retention rates
  • Get web analytics
  • Provide push notifications
  • App uninstall tracking
  • And many more.


Since the mobile advertising industry is still at a nascent stage, the opportunity for business in it is indefinite. There are around 4.68 billion mobile users in the world, and ignoring them is just like leaving humongous amounts of money on the table. Use the listed tools to start, run, and effectively measure your mobile ad campaign and grow your business.