Exclusive Tips on Ways to Take Care of a Bed-Ridden Elderly

Tips on Ways to Take Care of a Bed-Ridden Elderly

It is common to think that old age is a carefree period when people are exempt from both personal and professional obligations. However, for the majority of elderly people – the reality is different. Every elderly faces various challenges of daily living and may encounter several health issues. 

Being bedridden makes things even more daunting. As a relative or the caretaker, one may have to meet their diverse requirements. Besides showing compassion and care, there are certain actions which could be taken to enhance their quality of life. 

This will guarantee that they do not have any kind of discomfort. Hence, if you want to know the ways you can take care of the bedridden elderly, then check out a few tips mentioned below.

Taking Care of Personal Hygiene 

There are elderly who are confined to beds and maintaining personal hygiene becomes difficult. If the elderly are unable to bathe themselves, then the caregiver should assist them with a sponge bath in a shower chair. 

Regular nail trimming and hair cut are recommended as grooming boosts self-esteem. For toiletries, you can use incontinence pants for women and men who cannot move. 

These pants are waterproof and help to prevent making any mess. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and capacities. Also, incontinence pants for women and men provide protection from moisture and offer the comfort desired. 

These are ideal to use at home and when travelling as well. Additionally, to maintain skin smooth and prevent body odour, make sure to change clothes regularly and use moisturizer.

  • Prevent Bed Sores

Bedsores are known to be pressure sores as wounds to the skin and underlying tissues brought on by spending extended amounts of time sitting or lying still. Sitting for a long time creates strain on the thighs, buttocks and legs that cause the skin to separate and break down further causing bed sores. 

In order to prevent it caretakers should reposition the elderly or encourage them to move around. Also, you can ask the doctor to consult with some best tips and medications to prevent it.

Promote Good Nutrition 

Another important tip to take care of a bedridden elderly is to promote good nutrition. A healthy diet is the solution to many health-related problems and gives bedridden elderly ones a balanced and healthy life. 

The calories and nutrients needed for the person’s well-being can be monitored. This will enable one to keep track of their dietary habits. Make sure you comprehend the foods and diet that the doctors and dieticians advised by consulting with one.

Maintain Good Bed Hygiene 

Elderly person spends most of their time in bed itself. It is essential to practice the highest level of hygiene possible. There will be food stains, grime, skin fragments, and many other types of things soiling the bed sheet. 

Hence, it becomes crucial to change the bedsheets frequently. For additional comfort, waterproof bed sheets are suggested to be used. 

These can make the elderly feel comfortable and dry. Using waterproof bed sheets is also a great way to protect the bed from leaks and stains. 

These absorbent sheets are usually available in a variety of colours and sizes that easily blends with the style of the room’s interior. Additionally, the room should be ventilated properly as no moisture or complete darkness promotes thriving bed bugs.

Create Good Home Ambience 

The restrictions on mobility cause a lot of physical suffering in the elderly. Any ailment that the patient has the potential to cause pain and other issues. In such situations, it is very important to create a clean and hygienic environment. 

Therefore, make sure that the space is properly aired, the essentials are organized and kept close to the bed, and the lighting is also adequate. As much as possible, make sure to lessen the level of noise as well.

Opt for Physiotherapy Routine 

Last but not the least, another way you must take care of the elderly person is by opting for physiotherapy. This is because the major issue for any disabled person is muscle strength loss. 

By maintaining a programme of basic stretches, flexes and workouts – you can prevent the muscles of the elderly from wasting away. 

To help the elderly person to move around, make sure to get a walker or a wheelchair as and when needed. You can even consult with an expert physiotherapist for better assistance and support. 

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