Hair loss is an issue that is very distressing for many men, but it’s also strangely misunderstood. Some men will automatically assume that they’re going bald when they start thinning, for instance, when, in reality, all men can expect to see some thinning as they age. There are also lots of misconceptions about hair loss treatments that prevent many men from trying them. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths about hair loss and the truth behind them.

The Balding Gene is Passed Down from the Mother

There is this very persuasive myth that the mother is the one that transmits the balding gene to the child and that you have to look at the mother’s history to see if you have a chance of going bald or not. The truth is that you can get the gene from either parent. So, if one or both of your parents have hair loss issues in their families, then there’s a stronger chance that you’ll go bald too.

There Are No Convincing Treatments for Hair Loss

This is also not true. There are so many methods that will allow you to get your hair back that will look natural, and if you don’t want to get surgery and deal with the scars that come with them, know that there are other treatments like topical solutions and oral medication like finasteride that will allow you to grow your hair back naturally.

Finasteride is considered the best non-surgical hair treatment option because of how effective it is, and, if you want to buy Finasteride UK, the process is very simple. You can find an online finasteride supplier that will provide you with a prescription and send it to you directly through the mail. While you will need to keep taking it to get the results, your hair will look as good as new and you’ll be able to get on with your life.

Supplements Are a Reliable Cure for Hair Loss

Some supplements can allow you to get your hair back, but unless your hair loss is caused by some vitamin or mineral deficiency, you shouldn’t put too much hope on a supplement with regard to fixing balding issues, especially if the balding is advanced. Once the follicles have died, only surgery or a real treatment will have a real chance of working, so don’t get too excited about obscure supplements and look for proven options.

Hair Loss is Caused by High Testosterone

Some men think that testosterone is the cause of male pattern baldness and almost become scared of it, but that’s not the case. Being bald doesn’t mean that you’re more manly; it only means that you are extra sensitive to DHT. While it is an offshoot of testosterone, you will not develop baldness if you don’t have that sensitivity and will get it no matter what if you do, so testosterone levels are largely irrelevant.

Now that you know a bit more about baldness, what causes it, and the various treatments available, it would be a good idea to start digging deeper into your options. Consider looking at surgical and nonsurgical treatments and don’t hesitate to speak with an expert if you have any apprehensions about any of them.

By Punit