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What Is Dyno Bot?

Social media and online platforms are there for entertainment and all those who can access the internet, are on social media. We all use social media more than it is necessary without knowing much about its functions and services. 

There are so many things the internet has for its users, but most of us don’t spend our time searching for the updates or services made for us so that we can have a more enjoyable and easy time on social media. For example, Dyno Bot on Discord. Many Discord users don’t know about the bot that is built to help them have a problem-free time on Discord. 


It is the hidden blessing of Discord. For those who don’t know, Discord is an online platform that brings people of same interests together. It also allows its users to message their fellow members. Discord is observed to be widely used by video game lovers as it provides a variety of gaming options and allows gamers to create their chat group and communicate while playing and separately as well. 


These are robots, more famously known as internet bots. The bot operates by computers which in the middle of bots and humans act as an agent to perform an activity or generate a stimulus or a program or a user.

Dyno Bot

There are many bots functional in the Discord server.  Each of them has its functionality for managing and moderating different channels created on the server. Their responsibility is to maintain a friendly, interactive and problem-less environment on the server. Dyno bot is probably one of the most famous bots in Discord. Dyno bot expertly performs its task of managing and handling servers. 

What Exactly Is The Objective Of Dyno Bot?

The features of the Dyno bot are not limited to any particular command. You can command Dyno bot to get rid of the members creating a nuance, or to add new members to your server. It can control music and can also send messages. You can use the bot to talk to the members of your server and to give the tasks. 

If you are in urgent need of any particular stats, then Dyno bot will help you out. Also, gamers use this bot to create polls whenever necessary. 

What About The Mute And Unmute Command?

We talked about how Dyno bots on Discord can perform different commands but can it unmute someone on the server?

Yes, we can use the Dyno bot to unmute someone and the task will be donee effortlessly. 

One must add a Dyno bot on their server to use its features. 

And how to add the bot on Discord?

It’s pretty simple, you just have to visit its real website and invite the dyno bot to join your server. The bot will immediately act on the server and will be ready to follow the given commands. You just have to open the server you mentioned on the website and locate the bot. Once you get the bot, give the command you want and that includes unmute as well. 

You have to execute the command so the bot can do its job. For an unmute command, you will have to follow the ‘unmute (username)’ rule. Dyno bot will unmute the user whose name you have written within seconds. 

Does Discord Bot Work On Mobile?

We can’t say that the same app will work exactly the same on mobiles as it does on computers because it does not. The Discord app works slightly differently on mobile because the moderation feature of Discord does not function on mobile. All Discord can do on mobile is call, chat, and allow its users to access server contents. 

It is easier and more comfortable to use the moderation operation of Discord on computers/desktops and this is the reason why muting and unmuting members on mobile is tricky. 

If you want to unmute someone on Discord but are using mobile, you should know about these-

Permission Issues

Users who has permission to access moderators and administrators can easily unmute or muter the members on their server. This action is handled by ‘Mute members’ authorization. So if you want to unmute someone you should double-check that you have permission because if not, you can’t unmute the member on any device, even on computers. 

Limitation Of Using Mobile

As mentioned above, some features are not consistent with mobile as they are with desktops. This inconsistency leads to several features not being able to perform their tasks on mobile. The same is true with Discord’s features; not all of them will work on mobile. Unmuting may be impossible for mobile of specific models. 

Unmuting With The Help Of A Bot

If your server has custom commands bots, then you have to use the command assigned to the bot through chat to be able to unmute the member you want. You can make this work only if your server has custom command bots. 

Note: If you don’t have a computer or desktop, and still want to use bots, then it is advisable to contact the server moderator so you can unmute the member of your server. 

How To Give The Mute Command To The Dyno Bot?

Dyno bot is built to perform both mute and unmute commands. You can also use the bot to kick and warn the members of your server. You just have to add Dyno to your Discord channel to avail of its services. 

It’s the same as the process mentioned above- visit the website, click on add to the server, open your discord channel, place the dyno bot on the server you want to use your command in, and then press continue. If you click on the ‘authorize’ button, then the dyno bot will have access to all the permissions. 

Once the dyno bot is added to the server, you are ready to give the mute command.