Playing With Puppies : 6 Dog Toys Your Dog Will Love

Dog Toys
Dog Toys

Having a puppy can make any home happier and more comfortable, but you’ll want to keep your puppy entertained. Ensure you look into the best dog toys available, so you’ll let your puppy have fun, encourage exercise, and grow closer to you.

1. Ball or rope to play fetch

Most dogs love to play fetch and have fun, so you’ll want to choose a toy they can effortlessly chase. For example, if you look at Golden Retrievers for sale, you’ll want to encourage them to work out by throwing a ball or using a rope.

You can easily find puppy-appropriate balls and ropes in stores. However, don’t give them random balls or ropes since doing so can hurt their teeth. Stick with ones designed for dogs.

2. Treat puzzles for mental stimulation

Dogs love treats, so if you incorporate them into a game, they’ll enjoy it. Many owners purchase treat puzzles and let their dogs navigate them to pull out their favorite foods.

A treat puzzle encourages them to think and develop, making it great for any puppy. Ensure you purchase new ones every once in a while, so they don’t get bored with the same puzzles.

3. Treat launchers for fun and exercise

Speaking of treats, you can purchase your puppy a treat launcher. These devices allow you to pull a trigger, launch treats into the air, or use a remote to send them from a machine. Not only do they give your puppy yummy treats, but you encourage them to run and catch them.

These dog treats encourage your puppy to have fun while you manage life with them.

4. Rubber toys for chewing

Puppies tend to chew on things to deal with the pain of their teeth growing. Since they’ll feel tempted to chew different items around your house, you should get your puppy rubber toys it can chew on to avoid the problem of your puppy chewing on your things.

Puppies can safely chew most rubber toys, so look into larger ones approved for dogs to avoid choking hazards while you act as a responsible owner.

5. Stuffed animals for safety and relaxing

You don’t always want your dog playing with hard objects. You may want something comforting and safe instead. Stuffed animals approved for dogs work great since they’re soft and easy to bite, and your dog can carry them around and play with them.

Your puppy may love the idea of a stuffed companion by their side, so it doesn’t hurt to try a stuffed animal as a toy.

6. Toys on poles for interaction and stimulation

You’ll also find toys on poles that can make playtime entertaining for you and your puppy. You can hold the rod and dangle the soft end on the string. It allows your puppy to chase and jump at it while you have fun together.

Not only does it let your dog have a good time, but you’ll grow closer as you play and interact with each other.

Before you go

Puppies always want opportunities to play and have fun, meaning you’ll want to purchase dog toys for your furry friend. Ensure you look through the options, see what your dog wants, and make a difference in your furry friend’s life.